Getting to Know All about GPG Professional Job Centre

Are you looking for jobs in the public sector? The following positions at Gauteng Provincial Government as advertised by GPG Professional Job Centre might catch your attention.

GPG Professional Job Centre
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By taking on a career in this field, you’ll have the chance to make a positive difference in the lives of Gauteng residents. Moreover, the job will allow you to have a direct impact on the people in your community.

If serving the community is your passion, then you should not miss these opportunities. By creating an account with the GPG Professional Job Centre, you will have the opportunity to access many job listings in a field that may suit you.

GPG Professional Job Centre: An Overview

GPG Professional Job Center is a job listing website created by the Gauteng Provincial Government.

The job portal seeks to meet the Gauteng Provincial Government strategic priorities of creating decent employment through inclusive economic growth. Also, it is expected to ensure an efficient, effective, and development-oriented public service.

Furthermore, as an employer of choice, the Gauteng Provincial Government attracts, recruits, and retains skilled and innovative professionals that inspire to be great. To take full advantage of the advanced features of the website, you must first register your profile.

Then, you will be allowed to apply or join a provincial government that offers a competitive working environment in which skills development and professional growth are intricately connected to the successful achievement of GPG Strategic objectives and priorities.

List of Gauteng Provincial Departments and Their Commonly Advertised Job Vacancies

In the GPG Professional Job Centre, you can search for government and public service jobs through its “sort by department” feature. It allows you to sort existing vacancies by department. Moreover, the feature enables you to find the position you are looking for in the department of your choice.

In total, the Gauteng Provincial Government oversees 14 official departments. Below, you can see a breakdown of each of these departments and the types of positions that are commonly advertised through the GPG Professional Job Centre.

1. CoGTA

The Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) supports municipalities to create an enabling environment for economic growth. Basically, the main task of CoGTA is to provide the necessary support and strengthen municipalities in terms of Section 154 of the Constitution.

As part of the department, you will have to ensure that you perform your basic responsibilities and functions consistently by:

  • Putting people and their concerns first;
  • Supporting the delivery of municipal services to the right quality and standard;
  • Promoting good governance, transparency and accountability;
  • Ensuring sound financial management and accounting; and
  • Building institutional resilience and administrative capability.

2. Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

This department strives to economically transform agri-food value chains, and ensure sustainable development for healthy, food secure, integrated, smart and developed urban and rural communities in Gauteng.

As part of the department, you will have to help the government radically modernise and transform the agri-food value chain, ensure a sustainable environment, and develop urban and rural communities by:

  • Ensuring sustainable environmental management;
  • Providing access to and inclusive participation in the commercial agri-food value chain and agro-processing;
  • Promoting food security;
  • Promoting/Contributing/Stimulating integrated rural and urban development; and
  • Promoting the One Health System.

3. Department of Community Safety

The Gauteng Department of Community Safety is mandated by the constitution of the Republic to make Gauteng a place where people feel and are safe.

As part of the department, you will have to ensure the safety of communities through the following actions:

  • Improving the quality of policing;
  • Deepening meaningful community participation;
  • Enhancing social crime prevention;
  • Fostering integrity;
  • Initiating and sustaining sound and supportive institutional arrangements;
  • Promoting pedestrian safety;
  • Intensifying traffic law enforcement; and
  • Creating a safer road environment.

4. Department of Economic Development

The mandate of the Gauteng Department of Economic Development (GDED) is to facilitate, promote and develop economic growth in the Gauteng City Region.

To achieve this, as a part of the department, you will have to be committed to focus on enhancing inclusivity in the economy, whilst not neglecting to improve its competitiveness.

Furthermore, you will have two main areas of responsibility; you are required to ensure that the right environmental framework and initiatives are put in place to foster economic growth and job creation in the province.

Secondly, you will also be responsible for ensuring that sound financial management policies and structures are in place.

5. Department of Education

The Department of Education’s vision includes smart service delivery of quality public education, to promote dynamic citizenship for socio-economic growth and development. Also, it is committed to eliminating inequality in education.

Together with the dedicated team, you will aim to be at the cutting edge of curriculum delivery, providing access to quality lifelong learning opportunities.

6. Department of e-Government

The Gauteng Department of e-Government is tasked with modernising the public service to deliver efficient services to the residents of Gauteng.

7. Department of Health

The Department of Health aims to provide quality health services and ensure a caring climate for service users, implement best-practice health care strategies, create a positive work environment for staff, and provide appropriate and top-quality training for health workers.

As part of the department, your vision should be to provide high-quality, efficient, and accessible healthcare to transform people’s lives.

This can be done by creating an effective public healthcare system in Gauteng and ensuring that you have the right skills, systems and equipment to provide the care that the society needs to live a healthy and quality life.

If you are drawn in joining this department, you can apply for one of the following positions through the GPG Professional Job Centre:

  1. Assistant Manager Nursing
  2. Pharmacist Assistant
  3. Administration Clerk
  4. Material Recording Clerk
  5. Housekeeper
  6. Professional Nurse
  7. Medical Officer
  8. Deputy Director
  9. Operational Manager
  10. Coordinator
  11. Cleaner Supervisor
  12. Area Manager
  13. Medical Specialist
  14. Clinical Coordinator
  15. Registrar-Academic and Quality Coordinator
  16. Middle Manager Corporate Services
  17. Technician
  18. Secretary
  19. Social Worker
  20. Dietitian
  21. Speech Therapist
  22. Audiologist
  23. Clinical Nurse
  24. Nursing Assistant
  25. Enrolled Nurse
  26. Cleaner
  27. Human Resource Officer
  28. Clinical Manager
  29. Programme Coordinator
  30. Lecturer
  31. Occupational Health Nursing Practitioner
  32. Vice Principal
  33. Desktop Support Administration
  34. Network Administration
  35. Head of Department
  36. Labour Relations Officer
  37. Property Caretaker
  38. Diagnostic Radiographer
  39. Chief Radiographer
  40. Medical Registrar

8. Department of Human Settlements

As the name suggests, the Department provides human settlements in Gauteng and seeks to build sustainable communities and give communities access to affordable housing within targeted precincts.

Moreover, an innovative approach to housing delivery is to provide residents with Mixed Housing Developments that provides a mixture of housing products to suit low-income earners, middle-income earners as well as high-income earners.

9. Department of Infrastructure Development

The Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development implements the GPG’s capital expenditure budget allocation and other infrastructure projects that utilise sole or joint GPG financial investments, and to maximise the social and economic benefits of GPG’s property portfolio.

To be a part of the team means that you will have to implement the policies of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and preferential procurement in line with the approved targets.

10. Department of Roads and Transport

The Department of Roads and Transport is responsible for improved mobility and accessibility in Gauteng as well as to develop transport and socio-economic infrastructure that helps residents participate meaningfully in economic and social activities.

As part of the department, your vision is to develop an integrated, sustainable infrastructure that promotes people-centred, innovative and an accessible, safe and affordable movement of people, goods, and services.

11. Department of Social Development

Gauteng Department of Social Development grows and implements programmes for the eradication of poverty, the establishment of social protection and social development among the poorest of the poor, the most helpless and the sidelined.

These missions are done through its partnerships with its primary customers, service recipients and all those sharing its vision.

12. Department of Sport, Arts, Culture, and Recreation

The Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation’s mandates are to:

  • Develop and nurture young sport and artistic talent to ensure there is a pool of talented people for competitive and major events;
  • Preserve the heritage resources including the promotion of National Days and symbols;
  • Host and support competitive and major sport, arts and cultural events;
  • Provide library support services by establishing and maintaining community libraries and to provide and make accessible archival records to preserve the history and memory of the province.

13. Gauteng Treasury

The Gauteng Treasury department is pioneers in fiscal prudence and good governance. Its mission is to become a treasury that drives world-class financial support through tight fiscal controls, upheld by a culture of good corporate governance for our stakeholders.

As part of the Gauteng Treasury, you will have to commit to ensuring that strategies are funded through projects and other initiatives that are aligned to the provincial priorities and the principles of Batho-Pele.

Also, your standards are to be committed to delivering services to all customers in line with the Batho-Pele Principles as well as in ensuring that you treat them with due diligence.

14. Office of the Premier

If you are aiming to be a part of The Office of the Premier, then you will have to be ready to do the following responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership to government;
  • Oversee the effective functioning of the entire provincial administration;
  • Coordinate long-term planning;
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of government;
  • Actively advance gender equality, youth empowerment, the rights of people with disability, older persons, and military veterans; and
  • Promote and facilitate effective communication between the government and the people.

If you would like to join as an employee at The Gauteng Government, you can apply for one of the following positions through the GPG Professional Job Centre.

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