10 Incredible South Africa Government Internships to Apply for

If you are considering applying for some internships, today is the perfect time to do so. Apparently, we’ve rounded up some of the best internships offered by the government of South Africa in the list below.

South Africa Government Internships
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Throughout the programme, you will gain invaluable hands-on work experience that you normally cannot obtain in a classroom setting, making it one of the most important benefits of applying for any of these South Africa government internships.

Additionally, you will also acquire several specialised skills of a particular field, transferrable skills, and computer literacy. In fact, those skills will fully prepare you to enter the workforce upon your graduation.

Ultimately, internships are the best way for you to acquaint yourself with your chosen field of study. Truth be told, taking on an internship allowing you to work in your desired field, helping you decide whether the field is right for you. Then, by graduation, you will likely feel confident you have chosen the right degree.

Hence, if you want to kick-start your career with hands-on work experience, you should definitely check out these top South Africa government internships for 2021 and beyond!

1. Experiential Training and Internship Programme by DALLRD

The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) as part of the government offers internship opportunities to unemployed graduates across South Africa between the ages of 18 and 35.

Through this 24-month programme, you will experience first-hand on-the-job development training in technical, professional, public service, business and life skills relevant and crucial for you to enter the formal job market.

Specific Requirements

Whether you apply for experiential training, job training, or industrial placement, you will have to agree to be placed in the directorates or organisations listed in this document. Also, this must be your first time entering any internships held by the South Africa government.

How to Apply

Submit your application on a Z83 form that is obtainable from any public service department. Also, you must accompany the form with a recently updated comprehensive CV, certified copies of all qualifications and identity document, and copies of your academic transcripts.

Then, send your application form citing appropriate reference numbers to DALRRD branch offices spread across nine provinces.

Official Webpage

DALRRD Internship Opportunities

2. Internship Opportunities by STATS SA

If you have a deep interest in statistics, data science, and geography, then applying to several internships that STATS SA organises as a form of government mandate will be an excellent choice, especially if you currently live in South Africa.

Then, after completing this 2-year internship programme, you will acquire five crucial competencies ranging from intellectual capability to administrative competence in any field of your choice.

Specific Requirements

To qualify for the internship programme, you must:

  • Be an unemployed graduate aged between 20–35 years;
  • Have completed a Degree/National Diploma (NQF 6) or Honours/Masters Degree in the under-mentioned disciplines/fields of study from accredited institutions of Higher Learning;
  • Be a South African citizen; and
  • Not have participated in any internships in the public service.

Additionally, please note that you should not apply for the internship if you still need to finish or qualify for a Degree or National Diploma.

How to Apply

Submit your application online here. Ultimately, make sure you have attached a recent copy of your CV and certified copies of your matric certificate, academic qualifications with your academic transcripts, and your ID.

Official Webpage

STATS SA Internship Opportunities

3. Arts and Culture Internships by DAC

Department of Art and Culture’s 24-month internships are provided for the unemployed throughout South Africa who has not participated in any government internship programme before.

Although this is a paid internship, unfortunately, the department will not make a provision for transport and/or accommodation to any candidates. Still, you will receive a valuable experience that will contribute significantly to your future career.

Specific Requirements

First of all, you must have completed a 3-year Degree or National Diploma in any field specified in this document. Also, you must be between the ages of 18 and 35 years by the time of application.

How to Apply

You must submit a completed Z83 obtainable from any government department alongside your application. Besides, you must accompany your application with a recent CV and certified copies of ID and qualifications.

Next, forward your application quoting the relevant reference number to the director of DAC’s Human Resource Management. Alternatively, you can also deliver your application to the office of the Department of Arts and Culture in Pretoria.

Official Webpage

DAC Internship Opportunities

4. Non-Technical Internship Programme by DWS

Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) has established a Non-Technical Internship Programme to offer graduates/undergraduates an opportunity to gain experience within their non-technical fields to make them more employable. Besides, the programme gives the undergraduates an opportunity to gain practical work experience in order to obtain a formal qualification.

In particular, the programme is applicable to graduates and undergraduates seeking to gain work experience and exposure in non-technical study applicable to DWS.

Specific Requirements

To apply for one of the best non-technical internships in South Africa, you must have never participated in any government internship programme before. In addition, you must also be an undergraduate or postgraduate graduate from a major that aligns with DWS’s field of work.

How to Apply

Generally, you must be on the lookout for the advertisement of the Non-Technical Internship Programme on the website and the national print media.

Official Webpage

DWS Internship Opportunities

5. Urban Sustainability Internship Programme by City of Cape Town

This 12-month internship provides an exciting opportunity for you to develop skills in key operational areas in the City of Cape Town and gain practical experience in your field.

Furthermore, as an intern, you will be mentored by a manager within the relevant city department. Besides, you will have the opportunity to attend compulsory training workshops and interventions when necessary.

Specific Requirements

You must be a recent graduate of a tertiary institution with a recognised degree or national diploma in a related field.

Also, you must provide the followings:

  • A valid driver’s licence for selected posts;
  • Good planning, administration, writing, analytical and oral communication skills literacy in computers, especially the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint); and
  • The ability to work independently, within a team and under pressure.

Most importantly, you must not be enrolled for further studies coinciding with the internship period.

How to Apply

Actually, the application can be done online by completing the form here.

Official Webpage

City of Cape Town Internship Programme

6. Internship Programme by SARS

In short, the internship programme by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) is a work-based training program that offers interns hands-on work experience. Furthermore, as a shortlisted candidate, you will work under a 24-month contract. Also, you will receive a monthly stipend.

Specific Requirements

You must be a student in your final year at one of the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) or Further Education and Training (FET) Colleges. In addition, this must also be the first time you will be participating in internships from a South Africa government department.

How to Apply

Basically, you must follow the application procedure advertised on the official SARS website as listed below.

Official Webpage

SARS Internship Programme

7. Departmental Internship Programme by DPE

It is a collection of internships conducted by various government departments throughout South Africa that lasts for twelve months. Generally, the Departmental Internship Programme is held annually.

Specific Requirements

To apply for the programme, you must:

  • Have received a National Diploma/Degree;
  • Be between 18-35 years of age; and
  • Never employed in public service before.

How to Apply

In fact, you can apply either online by visiting the official Department of Public Enterprise (DPE) website or offline by filling out the form included in advertisements throughout the national media.

Official Webpage

DPE Departmental Internship Programme

8. Public Works Internship Programme by DPW Limpopo

The Public Works Internship Programme by the Department of Public Works (DPW) Limpopo is a public service graduate work experience programme targeting unemployed graduates.

In fact, as one of the most sought-after government internships in South Africa, it will provide you with on-the-job experience and the opportunity to put the work skills you’ve learned in the classroom into practice for a year.

Specific Requirements

Firstly, you must be an unemployed South African graduate from SAQA registered institution who have completed your degree or diploma. Alternatively, you are a student studying under a registered institution with SAQA.

How to Apply

Visit DPW Limpopo annual career exhibitions to secure your position.

Official Webpage

DPW Limpopo Internship Programme

9. Various Internship Opportunities by Matatiele Local Municipality

Matatiele Municipality designs many internship opportunities for local unemployed students and graduates interested in filling positions in its various departments. Basically, through this 36-month programme, you will have the opportunity to gain a monthly stipend and skills that are essential for your professional development.

Specific Requirements

Basically, you must meet the following requirements to be the selected candidate of the Matatiele Municipality internships:

  • Grade 12 Certificate, Degree/National Diploma in the respective field
  • Computer literacy
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Be able to speak Xhosa, Sotho, and English

How to Apply

Address your inquiries to the manager of Matatiele Local Municipality’s Human Resources Management. Also, accompany your application by proof of residence within the jurisdiction of Matatiele Local Municipality.

Most importantly, you must apply by filling in the Application for Employment Form obtainable here or from any of the available Municipal Offices. Besides, you must send your CV together with the certified copies of your qualifications, ID, and valid code B driving licence.

Official Webpage

Matatiele Municipality Internship Opportunities

10. PAY Internship Programme by Western Cape Government

If you currently reside in the Western Cape Government area you have the opportunity to apply to its popular internships throughout South Africa.

The Premier’s Advancement of Youth (PAY) Programme allows for a year of mentoring, decision-making about a future career, on-the-job training and exposure to skills training and development to make the intern more employable.

Annually, applications open for Matric First Work Experience PAY Internship Opportunities. In particular, the programme provides matriculants between the ages of 17-24 with work experience and training within one of the 13 Western Cape Government departments.

Specific Requirements

Basically, the qualifying criteria that you must meet are:

  • 24 years old or younger
  • Wrote and passed the National Senior Certificate (NSC) in the Western Cape
  • Not going to study further in the upcoming year
  • South African citizen, residing in the Western Cape
  • No support network to help you make informed career choices
  • Not sure of your next step after school
  • Financially constrained (household income less than R350,000 p/a)
  • No work experience

How to Apply

First of all, if you don’t have an email address, create one at a free email site like Gmail or Yahoo. You will need it to apply. Next, you must register on the South African Youth Network before you can apply. This platform is administered by Harambee. Then, once you have registered successfully, you’ll be able to apply.

Official Webpage

Western Cape Government PAY Programme

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