9 Best MPU Health Vacancies Calling for Applications

This is a list of 9 MPU Health vacancies for those with ambitions to take a chance in the healthcare sector.

In this guide, you will learn what positions are commonly offered in Mpumalanga Department of Health vacancies.

Also, you will learn the requirements of each position and how to apply for the vacancies.

Keep reading for more.

MPU Health Vacancies
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What is MPU Health?

MPU Health, also known as Mpumalanga Department of Health, is a provincial health department located on Government Boulevard, Riverside Park, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.

As a government agency engaged in healthcare, MPU Health aims to improve the quality of health and well-being of all people, especially in Mpumalanga.

To this end, MPU Health provides a people-centred and needs-based healthcare delivery system.

MPU Health carries out its mission through an integrated network of health care services consisting of highly dedicated healthcare workers.

Among the many health services that MPU Health provides are:

  • National Health Insurance
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Tuberculosis
  • Primary Healthcare
  • Communicable Diseases
  • Non-Communicable Diseases

Reasons to Work for MPU Health

  • Competitive salary
  • Productive and conducive workplace
  • Rooms for growth
  • Bonuses and incentives
  • Good management structure
  • Diversity of different cultural backgrounds
  • Training and career development programme

Job Opportunities Available in MPU Health Vacancies

Looking for Mpumalanga Province Department of Health vacancies?

You’ve come to the right place!

Below you can discover a list of the job opportunities that are commonly pitched in MPU Health vacancies.

Also, you can learn the requirements to increase your odds of being considered.

Let’s dive right into it.

1. Medical Officer

As a medical officer, you will assume the role of a senior physician who manages all aspects of patient care within your department.

Typically, your day-to-day duties include observing daily operations, serving as a clinical advisor and investigating any problems that may arise.

To become one, the Mpumalanga Department of Health expects you to have an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in a related discipline.

Years of experience in a clinical setting is another requirement that you must fulfil. In addition, experience in clinical risk management would be advantageous.

2. Professional Nurse

The jobs of registered nurses are those that are most frequently advertised in MPU Health vacancies.

Lately, the department is increasingly in need of registered nurses or professional nurses to fill many of its crucial posts.

Some of their duties include administering medications for patients and monitoring for reactions or side effects.

They must also record and update patient medical information and maintain accurate reports to communicate with physicians.

To become one, you must meet educational requirements and pass a registration test. In fact, you can learn more about nursing education and career in South Africa in our comprehensive past guide.

3. Staff Nurse

Staff nurses are responsible for providing high-quality care to patients from a hospital.

In addition, they are also required to check patients, monitor patients’ vital signs from time to time, and guide patients to recovery.

To qualify as one, MPU Health vacancies typically require applicants to present their most recent nursing license and related qualifications.

Also, they must have previous experience in healthcare and direct patient care settings.

4. Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants, or healthcare assistants, are needed to assist patients with their day-to-day care.

Additionally, the Mpumalanga Department of Health also needs nursing assistants to accompany patients in their various activities and appointments.

It goes without saying that patience is a key quality you must possess to qualify as a nursing assistant at a hospital within the MPU Health network.

Also, you must be a Matriculant and have completed nursing assistant training to apply.

5. Forensic Pathology Officer

As a forensic pathologist officer, you will be required to assist the forensic pathologist during the autopsy.

You’ll also have to visit the scene, assist with the identification process, and interview the family members of the deceased.

Generally, requirements to become a forensic pathologist include a bachelor’s degree and an additional medical degree.

You must also have completed the required training and a residency or fellowship in forensic pathology.

6. Clinical Psychologist

As public awareness of mental health is increasing every year, these days, MPU Health vacancies are looking for more clinical psychologists than ever.

It is a must to have a doctorate in psychology to qualify as one.

Once you are selected, you will work with people of various age groups with psychological difficulties in mental and physical health.

Furthermore, it will be your primary responsibility to diagnose the patients’ psychological disorders and develop treatment plans to help them improve.

7. Pharmacist Assistant

The job objective of pharmacy assistants is to assist pharmacists by carrying out all necessary clerical tasks to ensure that the pharmacy runs efficiently.

If you apply for this position in future MPU Health vacancies, please note that you can be assigned to any pharmacy on the department’s network list.

While there is generally no set entry requirement for becoming a pharmacy assistant, the Mpumalanga Department of Health usually expects good literacy, numeracy and IT skills.

8. Clinical Manager

Clinical managers are responsible for supervising the daily operations of patients and medical facilities.

Often, they also coordinate patient care plans.

Once you qualify as one, you may work in a clinic or hospital within the MPU Health network.

To apply to this position from MPU Health vacancies, you must have a bachelor’s degree in health care administration, health services administration, or similar.

However, the Mpumalanga Department of Health also favours candidates with postgraduate degrees.

Also, note that it will be a bonus point if you have experience managing a healthcare facility or clinic in the past.

9. Hospital Director

The department is actively seeking hospital directors with strong leadership skills to lead the business of its member hospitals.

When you become one, what you do is handle the business decisions and strategic planning of the organisation you lead.

Moreover, you are responsible for ensuring that the goals of the hospital and the department are all in alignment.

To qualify for the position, you will need a medical degree with board certification in a relevant field (as required from the Mpumalanga Department of Health), along with several years of medical experience.

Furthermore, important skills include interpersonal, communication and organisational.

How to Apply for MPU Health Vacancies

Luckily, it’s very easy to apply to your dream jobs from the mentioned MPU Health vacancies.

You can choose one of the two pathways provided: by applying online or submitting your application by hand.

For the first option, you should send your application to erecruitment@mpuhealth.gov.za. On the other hand, you can also choose to deliver your application at the nearest hospital, primary health care facility, or Mpumalanga Department of Health office.

Please ensure that you include the following documents with your application:

  1. A Z83 form;
  2. Your latest CV;
  3. Copies of ID and educational qualifications; and
  4. Proof of recent registration with the relevant statutory council.

It usually takes about three months from the closing date of each position for the department to assess the applications.

Furthermore, additional communication will be limited to shortlisted candidates.

While it’s good to be optimistic and confident, it doesn’t hurt to be productive by applying to other vacancies at government and public health entities, like Life Healthcare vacancies, while you wait for your interview call.

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