FlySafair Vacancies Offers 5 Exciting Careers in Airlines

Today’s post contains 5 job opportunities in the aviation industry from FlySafair vacancies.

As Safair’s business continues to grow and new vacancies are opened from time to time, many interesting opportunities are worthy of your consideration.

However, before you join one of the most popular airlines in South Africa, make sure you have read this guide till the end.

You’ll thank yourself for doing so to keep yourself enlightened by the career opportunities at hand.

All in all, let’s jump right into it.

FlySafair Vacancies
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What is FlySafair?

FlySafair, or Safair, is an airline based at OR Tambo International Airport in Kempton Park, South Africa.

The airline is one of the largest operators of the civilian version of the Lockheed L-100 Hercules cargo plane.

Also, FlySafair performs charters, aircraft leasing and sales, contract operations and crew chartering, aircraft maintenance and modification, aviation safety and medical training and operational support.

The company was first founded as an airline in March 1969 by Safmarine and started operations on March 18, 1970. Its main partner in the 1980s was SADF.

Until the 1990s, FlySafair mainly served the local and regional cargo market. In 1991, the company diversified into aircraft maintenance and express courier operations before concentrating on chartering and charters.

Then, in 1998, the airline purchased a 49% stake owned by Air Contractors, based in Ireland, and was purchased by Imperial Holdings for $40 million in December 1998.

In July 1999, Safair purchased controlling rights from National Airways Corporation and Streamline Aviation (an aircraft sales and charter company).

The company is wholly owned by Dublin, Ireland-based ASL Aviation Group Ltd, a subsidiary of the Belgian group CMB.

Most recently in 2013, Safair launched a subsidiary of a low-cost airline that operates domestic passenger services within the South African region.

Reasons to Work for FlySafair

  • Steady career growth
  • Decent salary
  • Productive and fun workplace
  • Good employee management
  • Cool employee perks
  • Job security

Job Opportunities Available in FlySafair Vacancies

Looking for jobs at FlySafair?

You’ve come to the right place!

Below, you’ll find five career path options you can choose from to join FlySafair.

The good news is that FlySafair vacancies are open to people of all disciplines and interests.

In other words, you can find the one that best suits your qualifications.

And join the team of one of South Africa’s favourite low-cost airlines right away.

1. Industrial Engineer

The main objective of the work is to eliminate waste in the production process and ensure systems make the best-integrated use of employees, aviation engines, materials, information and energy.

Also, FlySafair vacancies add that the company is looking for an industrial engineer who can do cool stuff fast.

In addition, he/she should also be able to process upgrades with a strong drive towards digital transformation.

Another responsibility of a FlySafair industrial engineer is to analyse and identify opportunities to reduce process variation and optimise process performance.

Following are the requirements that one must meet to qualify as an industrial engineer:

  • A degree in Engineering or an equivalent degree;
  • Understanding of user experience (UX) areas, application optimisation and system architecture; and
  • Confidence and extensive knowledge in industry practices when solving business problems.

2. Accountant

A FlySafair accountant is expected to have good analytical skills, interpersonal communication, and proficiency in spreadsheets.

As noted in most FlySafair vacancies, the company is always in need of accountants who can take on the responsibility of supporting the full accounting function and reporting to managers in the finance department.

Additionally, they must also prepare accounts and tax returns, manage payrolls, and audit company financial information.

Some of the key requirements that candidates must meet are:

  • Matric or Grade 12 or National Senior Certificate;
  • A degree in Accounting is preferred;
  • Have completed articles or have at least ten years experience as an accountant;
  • Knowledge of the Sage Line 500 or similar system;
  • Microsoft Excel proficiency; and
  • Have a private vehicle and a valid driver’s license.

3. Revenue Analyst

A revenue analyst is a special type of accountant who keeps track of a company’s revenue and looks for ways to increase them.

FlySafair is looking for revenue analysts with excellent problem-solving skills to analyse assembling information and draw logical conclusions for the company.

It is also important that they can make independent judgments and decisions while taking ownership of job responsibilities.

Some of the personal attributes that FlySafair looks for in the brightest candidate are being punctual, trustworthy, professional and dependable.

It will be advantageous if you practice good time management and have the willingness to work longer than normal working hours.

Please meet the requirements below to apply for the position:

  • A bachelor’s degree in Communication or an equivalent degree;
  • English fluency;
  • Computer literacy;
  • No bad credit or criminal record; and
  • No previous experience in the aviation industry is favoured.

4. Pilot

Of the many job opportunities, the most sought after by job seekers FlySafair vacancies are pilots.

We’re assuming that it’s because a job as a pilot at the company can bring you good fortune.

As a FlySafair pilot, you will fly passengers on long or short flights for a variety of purposes.

In particular, it will be your responsibility to determine the safest routes, analyse weather conditions and flight plans, and inspect operating systems and navigation equipment.

To apply, you will need a commercial pilot certificate and flight hours as set by the company.

5. Cabin Crew / Flight Attendants

Many job seekers also prefer a position as a cabin crew or FlySafair flight attendant, considering the salary can reach R294,000 per year.

Your day-to-day duties include welcoming passengers on board and directing them to their seats, informing them of safety procedures and ensuring all hand luggage is stored securely.

Also, you may have to make announcements on behalf of the pilot and answer questions during the flight.

You must be an air cabin crew member and over 18 years of age to apply.

In addition, FlySafair also requires you to have a certain height with varying weight restrictions.

How to Apply for FlySafair Vacancies

You can apply online for FlySafair vacancies by visiting the official FlySafair careers webpage first.

There, you can find a list of active vacancies to choose from.

Then, click on the “Apply” button to submit your application. Next, follow the instructions till the end to finalise your application. Also, make sure you include your latest CV.

However, if you do not find a position you are interested in, just submit your CV.

Once a job is opened that matches your experience and qualifications, you will receive a call from FlySafair for further processing.

Or, if you decide to look for other opportunities in the meantime, applying to these SAPS vacancies might be a wise decision.

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