In-Depth Comparison Before You Work for Lyft vs Uber

Both Lyft and Uber are two high increasing apps that offer the comfort of riding and driving daily to all of the users. The presence of these similar apps will have huge impact for the taxi industry. When it comes to work for Lyft vs Uber, which one is better from the income, availability, safety and other considerations?

Working for Lyft and Uber has nothing wrong since it is one of the ways to earn more dollars to make a living. However, before applying to be the driver or the rider, you need to know all the comparisons between these two to decide better.

Similarities Between Lyft and Uber

When it comes to the similarities between Lyft and also Uber, well, they are typically similar. Both are actually applications that offer services for the users to choose whether they want to have a ride, get driver, or even schedule their trips in the future through their phones.

They offer 24/7 services with various vehicle option either you want to have small car, motorbike, family size, or even share with strangers to save money. For example, Uber has UberPool, the cheapest ride where you can share with other Yes, everything is possible based on what you desire to have.

These two apps will give the users the estimation cost before the users can have their request. Both Lyft and Uber will make calculation based on the miles traveled, the traffic, type of vehicle, and their base rates. There will be times where the drivers are able to multiply their base rate due to high traffic or prime time. When you want to work as a driver but you don’t have a car, no worries since both companies also give offer either to buy or to rent a car.

Comparison Before You Work for Lyft vs Uber

Work for Lyft vs Uber
Comparison between Lyft and Uber on howtogeek

Yes, Lyft and Uber offer the same comfort for the users as the passengers. They need to ensure that the passengers are safe to the destination. In fact, Lyft and Uber offer different price during the peak times, different vehicles based on the budget and number of passengers, and many more.

If you are interested to work in these two companies, you need to know everything about it in detail especially about the income and other considerations. Will it affect the income for the workers too? Let us find the answer here.

Price and Other Charges

Both Lyft and Uber will give comfort to all of the customers based on their needs. When you want to have someone gives you a drive or a ride, you can choose between these two. There are some factors that can be used as the determiners of the fare between Lyft and Uber.

First, the main difference of the price relies on the city. When you are staying in a metropolitan area for a week, for example, you will have bigger cost to afford compared when you live in small city. The second factor is about the distance. The farther the distance, the more money that the users have to pay. The third factor is whether there is traffic jam or not. Well, when you are stuck in a long queue during a traffic jam, you will have to pay dearly. Last, when you want to give a tip then you have to add this on your bills.

For example, when you are visiting your cousin in a large city for a week. You are going to a 5 kilometers shopping mall. On your way to the shopping mall, there is a car that crashed a dump truck and caused commotion. As a result, you can’t pass and you will be stuck for a long time. Due to this traffic jam, you need to pay for additional fees based on the system both Lyft and Uber have.

During the peak times or the most crowded times, Lyft will charge you double from the original amount as the minimum cost. In contrast, Uber will raise the price for 7 to 8 times from the original price. However, you will only be paying for this when you have accepted to pay the cost and get the ride.

Vehicle Options

Work for Lyft vs Uber
Lyft vehicle options on apptunix

Before you read more about Uber vx Lyft driver income, it would be better for you to know more about the vehicle options. Both Lyft and Uber pay attention on the satisfactions that the users will experience during their trips. Which one offers better satisfaction?

If you want to have a car which can be used for up to 4 persons, UberX is the answer. However, when you want to have bigger car than the UberX, Uber XL will be ready for you. When you wish to have luxurious car to pick you up, you have three options to go, they are UberSELECT, UberBLACK, and also UberSUV. UberSELECT offers luxurious car for 4 passengers while UberBLACK will be ready for more 4 passangers in luxurious car while UberSUV will be the most expensive one with the capability of 6-seating passengers.

Meanwhile, Lyft offers 4 different options for all the users. They are Lyft Line, Lyft, Lyft Plus and also Lyft Premier. Lyft Line gives the most affordable and the cheapest way of riding especially for those who don’t mind traveling together with strangers. The basic Lyft offers regular vehicle which accommodates up to 4 passengers. Then, Lyft Plus can accommodate up to 6 persons in a regular vehicle. Meanwhile, Lyft Premier provides luxurious vehicle which can accommodate up to 4 persons.

Lyft vs Uber Driver Income

Work for Lyft vs Uber
Income on

When you really want to work for Lyft vs Uber as a driver, you need to know how much you will earn. Discussing about income, it will be basically based on how grateful you are. Some people may find the income satisfying while some other think that working as both drivers aren’t worth compared with the work they had done.

Apparently, Uber gives signup bonus up to $500 when you are able to complete 75 rides in a full month. It is quite hard to figure out how much you will get per hour reminding that different distance and time, there will be different fees too. The more orders you accept, the more money you will earn to make a living. However, Uber will take 25% commission from each fare the riders or drivers get.

In contrast, Lyft drivers give bonuses between $500 and $5000 for the drivers or riders based on the locations. Yet, when you want to know the average salary per hour, it would be around $17,50 for an hour. It is considered a bit higher for $2 for each hour compared to Uber driver. If you want to know Lyft vs Uber price comparison, Lyft takes 20% commission from each fare that their drivers get.

In other words, Uber indeed offers high fares for the users because they pay attention about the customers’ satisfaction well. Thus, it makes sense that Uber takes 5% higher commission compared to Lyft that only takes 20% commission. These percentages aren’t counted from the tipping since the tips will be entirely given to the riders or drivers.

Rewards and Other Bonuses

Work for Lyft vs Uber
Uber rewards on techcrunch

As it has been previously mentioned, all the riders or drivers in both platforms sometimes receive tipping from the customers. Don’t worry, this tipping will be entirely collected by the riders or drivers. The company will have no cut from the tipping given by the customers as the users.

Similarly, both companies also offer a wide range options of incentives, bonuses, and also rewards for their loyal drivers. It works the same for the riders too. The following information will highlight the details of the bonuses and rewards for the drivers and the riders from both companies.

Riders and drivers might feel like they get less because they need to pay for the toll and also fuel. Thus, Lyft will give $250 for the fuel. In every 5 rides that you have completely done, you will get $1 reward for the fuel. In a month, you can have up to 50 rides to get this reward.

Lyft will give premium driver rewards. As a driver, you will earn the reward based on how many rides you have taken. You will get like a rank which can get higher and better rewards to redeem. It could be like mobile phone discount or fuel rewards to redeem too.

For Uber, there are some areas that will get crowded. It enables the users to multiply the fare to earn more money. There is this kind of booster that will offer promotional multiples. Later, it can be used to earn higher fare for each ride. When you work for Uber and you have completed the standard number of rides in a particular time, you will get extra money for it.


In brief, there are some similarities and also differences when you want to work for Lyft vs Uber. Each company here brings a lot of benefits that you can ever have. When it comes to income, Uber gives lower salary. It is because they need to take 25% commission from each order they get. Meanwhile, Lyft gives more salary because the commission they take is only 20% from each order they receive.

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