Which Jobs are In Demand in South Africa?

South Africa has a greatly developed economy and innovative infrastructure. It’s one of the world’s biggest exporters of minerals such as gold, platinum and other natural resources. On the other hand, South Africa also has unshakable financial, legal, communications, energy, and transport sector in addition to the continent’s biggest stock exchange. Which jobs are in demand in South Africa these days? Let’s find out.

The employment in South Africa is an average of 43.16 percent from 2000 until 2019. Today’s job trends in South Africa include those occupations in agriculture, engineering, technology, financial, communication, and energy. That’s because the core of South Africa’s economy is in those sectors. More jobs in those sectors are in demand today as the economy of the country is getting developed. Let’s take a look at what occupations are in demand today in South Africa.

Find out Which Jobs are in Demand in South Africa

When it comes to the most popular job in the country, there will be various answers to mention. The following information will help you figure out the jobs which are in demand in South Africa.


which jobs are in demand in south africa
Electrician on augustfacebook.com

Due to the increase of energy in the country, electrician is one of the most wanted skills in South Africa now. If you live in this country and have been dreaming to become an electrician, then you have a big opportunity to get the job. But first of all you have to complete the apprenticeship and become a journeyman electrician before you can be a qualified electrician in South Africa. It usually takes four years long to complete.

Before considering to become an electrician, you need to aware that this job may not be one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa. It is because electricians are paid by the hour or by day rate so you can only earn your rate or the maximum hours you can fit in a day. Sometimes electrician can be costly if you complete the job quickly. This job is also one of a stressful jobs you can imagine.

Working with electricity is not easy and stressful. Moreover, some companies employ electricians to fill around-the-clock shifts. It means that you may be working extra hours during the night than during the day. How about the salary of this job? As it is mentioned before, electricians are paid by the hour or the day the work. The salary you get depends on how long you work and how long experience you have.

The salary per hour: $26,33

The median salary: $54,774

Mechanical Engineer

which jobs are in demand in south africa
Mechanical engineer on money.howstuffworks

As technology is getting more and more focused in society, mechanical engineering is one of the job trends in South Africa today. The growth of mechanical engineers employment in this country is quite significant. It grows 9 percent from 2016 to 2026. Mechanical engineer can work in a lot of industries and on various type of projects.

This occupation has bright future as a career because society can’t separate their live from technology. That’s why 89 percent of engineers is highly satisfied with their job and would choose the same career path again. This job is less stressful compare to electrician. Mechanical engineering is also the easiest to study. It is because you can see the real application of it on daily basis. The minute you get interested in analytical subject then you begin to love mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineer is one of the most wanted skills in South Africa. You work on power-producing such as engines and steam, gas turbines, and generators. Furthermore, you also work on power-using machines for instance air conditioners, refrigerators, elevators and escalators, robots used in manufacturing, and industrial-production equipment.

As for the earning they get, mechanical engineer may be one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa today. As you gained more and more experience, the more salary you earn.

The lowest salary: $61,538

The median salary: $92,800

The highest salary: $136,550

Finance Manager

which jobs are in demand in south africa
Finance manager on mitraloker.com

If you are asked which jobs are in demand in South Africa? The answer is finance manager. It is one of the job trends in South Africa today. A finance manager is in charge for all aspect of financial management, certifying compliance with internal policies and procedures along with donor obligations.

To become a finance manager, you will be expected to have a sufficient Bachelor’s degree. It is often specialising in a subject like Maths, Accounting, Finance or Economics. You will need four years to complete it. But you will be hired in a company usually after you get experience in a related organization.

This job is quite promising in South Africa as it grows 19 percent from 2016. It is much faster than the average for all jobs. Those who are with a master’s degree or certified should enjoy the best prospect of the job.

You can get the best career with this occupation. Finance manager may be one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa.

The lowest salary: $94,477

The median salary: $123,719

The highest salary: $156,019

Motor Mechanic

which jobs are in demand in south africa
Motor mechanic on sapo.org.au

One of the most wanted skills in South Africa is motor mechanic. As today’s live is getting more dependent on transport, mechanical engineering is becoming more and more important. A motor mechanic is responsible for inspecting, assessing and fixing the engine components of a motor-powered vehicle.

As for a petrol mechanic is in charge in repairing various vehicles such as cars and trucks that broke down or need to be maintained. The responsibilities of a diesel mechanic are to deal with diesel engines of large vehicles such as buses, trucks, and even construction equipment like bulldozers or cranes.

How can you be a qualified mechanic in South Africa? To be one of it, you will have to complete a 4 year-apprenticeship, a three year learnership at a registered training provider or study at an FET college that offers the specific engineering course. If you want to be take a course, it is available at Oxbridge Academy, College of Cape Town, and Northlink College.

Mechanic occupations in South Africa allow you to earn a good income. Becoming a mechanic can be worth it if you are persistent in doing it. It is not impossible that you can make good amount of money doing it. Here are the salary rate of a motor mechanic in South Africa.

The lowest salary: $19,000

The median salar: $41,122

The highest salary: $63,285

Engineering Technologist

which jobs are in demand in south africa
Engineering technologist on cctt.ca

The next occupation that includes in the most wanted skills in South Africa is engineering technologist. Due to the more technologically focused in society, the demand for this job rises as well. South Africa owns one engineer per 2,600 people compared to international standards. Engineering technologist is a professional trained in specific aspects of development and application of a particular area of technology.

If you search for a job vacancy in South Africa, you will find that engineering technologists are highly demanded. If you want to be one of them, first you are required to get National Senior Certificate to enter a FET college for engineering studies. After you complete a further two years of practical experience, you may apply to the Engineering Council of South Africa. Then you can register as a Professional Technologist (Engineering). You can study at CPUT, DUT, and VUT.

Engineering technologist is responsible to compose the principles of science, engineering, and mathematics to work out technical problems in research and development, construction, manufacturing, inspection sales, and maintenance.

Engineering technologist is one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa. So it’s a great opportunity for you, who love this field, to build your career now and earn a good amount of money from it.

The median salary: $86,690

The highest salary: $133,280

Millwright or Boilermaker

which jobs are in demand in south africa
Boilermaker on adendorff.co.za

The backbone of South Africa’s economy lies in large industries. That’s the reason why technicians working in the industrial engineering sector are greatly valued. No wonder if millwrights and boilermakers are those which are the most wanted skills in South Africa. They have significant roles in the larger industrial engineering industry.

Millwright works to install and maintain machinery used in multiple industries. It needs doing heavy construction work, so it requires physical labor. You have to do important work such as carrying heavy items and operating hand and power equipment. While boilermaker is responsible to manufacture, install and take care of boilers, tanks and vats. A boilermaker has to be able to read and understand technical drawings and cast and bend metal into shape and join the pieces together.

If you have the interest and skill required to work as millwright or boilermaker, there should be a lot of job opportunities for you out there. More experienced you are in this field of occupation, the more salary you will earn. This job can be one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa today. As you can earn good amount of money with this job, there’s a chance you can have a bright career doing it.

The lowest salary: ZAR 62,76

The median salary: ZAR 131,66

The highest salary: ZAR 213,45

If you live in South Africa and long for a decent job, you don’t need to worry. There are a wide range of occupations you can apply out there. Which jobs are in demand in South Africa? You can find them in the list above. All you need is prepare yourself with the skill required. It’s highly possible you can get one of those highest paying jobs in South Africa.

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