How to Apply for SAPS Traineeship in South Africa?

The South African Police Services (SAPS) is the primary law enforcement agency in the country, responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for all South Africans. To ensure they hire the most qualified candidates, SAPS offers a training program known as SAPS Traineeship 2022. This program is designed to recruit top trainees who have the best physical and mental conditions, as well as the highest levels of intelligence. In this article, we will discuss the requirements and application process for SAPS Traineeship.

About SAPS Traineeship

The SAPS Traineeship is a training program that aims to recruit top trainees who have the best physical and mental conditions, as well as the highest levels of intelligence. The program is open to applicants of all races and genders. Those who complete the program will be eligible for a variety of rewards, including enhanced competence, improved communication skills, and higher confidence. They will also be afforded the chance to continually enhance both their strategies and their knowledge in preparation for a future career as a law enforcement officer.

Basic Police Development Learning Programme (BPDLP)

Those who are successful in their applications for SAPS Traineeship 2022 will be given the opportunity to take part in the Basic Police Development Learning Programme (BPDLP). The program will last for a total of 21 months and will be divided into three stages: induction phase, basic training phase, and probation phase.

Requirements for SAPS Traineeship

To apply to the SAPS Traineeship, you must:

  • Be a South African citizen
  • Have a Senior Certificate or National Certificate in Safety in Society
  • Be fluent in English and one other official language
  • Have no previous criminal convictions
  • Allow taking fingerprints and background inquiries for the purposes of the application process
  • Have no visible tattoo marks
  • Undergo and pass a medical test, with a Body Mass Index of less than 30 or a waist circumference of less than 88 cm (women) or 102 cm (men)
  • Complete and pass a physical fitness assessment
  • Undergo and pass a psychological and integrity assessment as determined by the National Commissioner and be deemed subject to the profile of a police officer
  • Prepare to undergo successful training as determined by the National Commissioner
  • Prepare to serve and be trained anywhere in the Republic of South Africa

In addition, it will be advantageous if you can demonstrate that you match the following criteria:

  • An aggregate of 4 and above in English in the final Senior Certificate Examination and/or a fully completed three-year National Diploma/Degree recorded on the National Learner Record Database (NLRD) with at least an NQF Level 6 or a higher value
  • At least a valid vehicle driver’s license

Unfortunately, applicants who have previously worked for a government department but were fired for inappropriate behavior will not have their applications examined for employment by the SAPS.

SAPS Traineeship Application

Applicants who are interested in this opportunity must submit their applications using the official application form. This form is available at no cost at any of the police stations or SAPS recruitment offices throughout the country. The SAPS Traineeship application form is also available for download on the official SAPS website.

Applications have to be personally delivered in a timely manner to the appropriate address. In addition, a detailed CV, as well as a copy of your ID, must be provided with the application form.

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