Road Accident Fund Internship Opportunity

Road Accident Fund (RAF)

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) which established in South Africa is a state insurer. The company were established by the statute which provides insurance cover to all drivers of motor vehicles in South Africa. The purpose of RAF services are to provide protection from a damaged caused as the result of a traffic collision. But any liability which incurred in relation to property damage such as damage to vehicles, buildings, and vehicle contents are excluded from the cover.

Road Accident (
Road Accident (

RAF is a juristic person which established by an Act of Parliament. The name of the act is Road Accident Fund Act, 1996 (Act No. 56 of 1996). The RAF Act were the legitimate legal basis for RAF operations. The operations is commenced on May 1, 1997. The company vision and mission are as follows:

  • Vision : To provide the highest standard of care to road accident victims to restore balance in the social system
  • Mission : To provide approriate cover to all road users within the borders of South Africa, to rehabilitate persons injured, compensate for injuries or death and indemnity wrongdoers as a result of motor vehicles accidents in a timely, caring, and sustainable manner, and to support the safe use of our roads.

As stated in the above vission and mission of RAF, the RAF aim of the fund is to re-integrate all the victims. Hopefully that all the victims of motor vehicle accidents bact into society through thier rehabilitation services offered namely : RAF Undertakings and the Patient Outreach Programs.

Road Accident Fund Internship

The position offered in RAF is an internship programe. The programmes is commited to help young people to developt their skills by providing graduates with an opportunity to gain workbased experience. It can be considered as the first step before unemployed entering the working life.

There are four (4) internship that are open for applications, which are :

  • Marketing and Communication Intern
  • Employee Wellness Internship
  • Correspondence Management Intern
  • Claims Intern X17

With the various job position offered in the internship programmes, it will give applicants freedom to choose the right job  to learn. All jobs will give plenty experiences.

The marketing and communication intern will give applicants an ability to develop marketing and promotion materials, learning product knowledge, advertising, joining marketing events, build a great networking and so forth.

The employee wellness is  a programme create usually by the company to lift their employee physical and mental wellbeing. By joining this internship programme it will help applicants to develop the role of HR, maintaining work life balance of the employee, and manage the productivity of employee by stabilized their physical and mental wellbeing. It is a rare opportunity to learn about how we manage human resources.

The correspondence management will help you to learn about day to day business interactions. It will also help you to gather potential informations from colleagues, customers, or third parties. It is an importance role to understand with for any organisations, government agencies, and other parties that have to deal with deadlines, high level productivity, and efficient control system.

The claim intern role is to examine the insurance claims and applications, and follow up the work of insurance adjusters to protect insurers from unnecessary financial loss. Examiners is responsible to decide wether an insurance claim is merit and able to be processed or not.


The intern will be awarded with a monthly stipend aside from the experience which can be used for further job. The Road Accident Fund internship will run for a period of twelve (12) months.

Eligibility and Requirement

Therefore, to be accepted in the RAF internship programmer, the applicant should fulfill at least the following eligibilities and requirements :

  • Cerified copy of Grade 12/Matric certificate
  • Certified copy of Bachelor’s Degree/Advanced Diploma/Diploma related to the position
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Certified copy of your ID
  • Certified copy of Academic transcript
  • CV and motivational letter

Competencies needed for the applicants are :

  • Good written and verbal communication skill
  • Interpersonal skill
  • Able to follow the detail orientation
  • Self motivated
  • Willingness and potential to learn
  • Basic computer skill is preferable
  • Able to prioritize tasks as needed

It is suggested that the applicants should pay an attention of the educational background which related to the open possitions. These are some notes for the applicants to be considered regarding the educational background:

  • Marketing and Communication Intern : Bachelor’s Degree/Advanced Diploma/Diploma in Communication/Marketing/Public Relations.
  • Employee Wellness Internship : Degree in Behavioral Sciences/Social Work or Nursing Certificate.
  • Correspondence Management Intern : Bachelor’s Degree/Advanced Diploma/Diploma in Records Management/Administration/Business Management.
  • Claims Interns X17 : Relevant Diploma/Advanced Diploma/Bachelor’s Degree in Law.

How to Apply

If you are interested in joining the RAF team for an internship programme, here some information you should pay attention to :

  1. Indicate the reference number of the internship programme you are willing to apply in the subject line. Do not forget about this information since each internship programmes have their own code or reference number to refer with.
  2. You can submit a short CV (Curricullum Vitae) and a motivational letter to convince the employer. It will be a great deal for your application to be considered. It will be great if the CV were consisted of maximum 3 pages. If you have  no academic transcript or background surely will not be considered.
  3. Applicants must not employed else where and was never employed in the field of the post.
  4. The applicants should never be participated in an internship programme in the relevant field of the post previously.
  5. As a concern that the applicants must not have previously served as intern before. If the applicant were found to be previously served as an intern and did not disclose those information and discovered later. The applicant with such condition will be disqualified.
  6. Applicants are restricted to apply for a maximum of 3 positions only

Closing Date

Closing date of the Road Accident Fund (RAF) : Internship Programme 2020

will be at 03 September 2019

Official Contact

  • Marketing and Communications Intern (MKT23082019DBN)

Send applications to :

  • Employee Wellness Internship (EWSI23082019)

Send applications to :

  • Correspondence Management Intern (COR23082019DBN)

Send applications to :

  • Claims Interns X17 (CI23082019DBN)

Send applications to :

You could also directly hand delivered the document at the 12th floor Embassy Building, 199 Anthon Lembede (Smith Street), Durban for a fast response.

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