5 South African Institutions Offering Paramedic Learnerships

Suppose you’ve always dreamed of making a difference in your community and helping others while securing a promising career. In that case, the paramedic could be the profession for you.

The combination of patient care, application of medical knowledge, and involvement in an ever-changing work environment make paramedics a prevalent career path.

To become a paramedic, you can take a route that involves taking training or learnership. The paramedic learnerships include both a theoretical and a practical component.

You must pass three levels to qualify as a paramedic. These levels include the Basic Life Support (BLS) course, the Intermediate Life Support (ILS) course, and the Advanced Life Support (ALS) course.

On the other hand, you also have the opportunity to take an alternative route by pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Then, you must register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa to be declared a certified paramedic.

If you are interested in applying to paramedical learnerships, you should research the institutions that provide them. Below is a list of South African organisations that invite enthusiastic individuals like you to apply to their paramedic learnerships. Let’s dive right into it.

Paramedic Learnerships
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1. Mediclinic Higher Education and Training Institution

The Mediclinic Higher Education and Training Institution offer two learning opportunities, including Formal Programs and Fundamental or Short Courses.

While the Formal Programme offers a Diploma in Emergency Medical Care, the Short Courses accept Paramedic and Emergency Care Practitioners applications. The first program will last for 24 months, while the latter will last for four months.

While both are paid paramedic learnerships, you can apply for a bursary from Mediclinic. These paramedic learnerships are available to Grade 12 students, Emergency Care Personnel, and Enrolled or Registered Nurses.

2. Netcare Education and Training

Netcare Education and Training is a division of the Netcare Group. It is rated as one of the leading private education and training institutions in South Africa. The institution provides training programs in health care and emergency medical services.

To educate yourself on becoming a professional paramedic, you must apply to the Faculty of Emergency and Critical Care (FECC) of Netcare Education and Training in Gauteng or KwaZulu-Natal. There, you can choose to either take formal education in critical care or first aid training.

After completing these paramedic learnerships, you will become a trained healthcare provider who can provide the best care for your patients. In the long term, you will be able to contribute to strengthening the country’s national health.

3. Ronin South Africa

Ronin South Africa designed an Emergency Care Course which graduated trained Ambulance Personnel. After taking this course, you will be eligible to provide ambulance services, including in traditional and austere environments such as maritime and aviation.

The Emergency Care Course by Ronin South Africa consists of a Classroom Phase that runs for six weeks. In addition, there is a Practical Phase that can last up to 18 months. Ronin South Africa awards the following certificates once you complete your course:

  • FREC 3;
  • FREC 4;
  • Safe Administration of Lifesaving Medication Certificate Level 3; and
  • BLS for Healthcare Providers Certificate.

The good thing about this paramedic learnership is that you can arrange your own placement elsewhere in the world as long as you receive approval from Ronin South Africa. The completion of this course will lead you to a paramedical career in the UK, US, and Australia.


EMCARE is a South African health and safety training provider. The company offers courses consisting of emergency medical training, first aid, and emergency evacuation training. EMCARE has training centres in all major South African cities, meaning you can choose the one closest to where you live.

Its paramedical learnerships include the following courses:

  • Basic First Aid / First Aid Refresher Course
  • First Aid Level 1 Course;
  • First Aid Level 2 Course;
  • First Aid Level 3 Course;
  • CPR & AED Courses; and
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness Course

EMCARE’s paramedical learnerships are accredited under several national accreditation bodies. Some of the accrediting bodies that have approved EMCARE courses are the Department of Labour, Mineral Resources, HWSETA, and LGSETA.

5. Relay EMS

Relay EMS is a provider of emergency medical services registered as an Advanced Life Support practice with the Board of Health Care Funders. Also, it provides a wide range of emergency medical training courses that equip you with practical application and theoretical knowledge.

EMS Relay offers you the following training:

  • First Aid Level 1, 2, 3;
  • Heartsaver First Aid, CPR, and AED; and
  • BLS for Health Care Providers

The paramedic learnerships are available at any time of the year. After completing the course, you will have the opportunity to assist in a medical emergency as a licensed paramedic.

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