Old Mutual Learnership Available for Matriculants with No Work Experience

The Old Mutual Learnership is a programme established and administered by Old Mutual, a pan-African investing, savings, insurance, and banking business. The learnership opportunities are now accepting applications from all matriculants with no work experience, including you.

As a participant in this learnership, you will have the opportunity to pursue a range of rewarding career paths, including those of an underwriter, financial investment adviser, or insurance broker. You will benefit from Old Mutual’s proven, student-centred approach to continued professional development.

The programme is available in three courses. Read on to learn more about the learnership and the right way to apply to it below.

Old Mutual Learnership
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About Old Mutual Learnership Programme

Old Mutual Learnership is a learnership programme designed and delivered by Old Mutual, a pan-African investment, savings, insurance, and banking group. The learnership opportunities is calling all matriculants with no work experience, including you, to apply today.

The opportunity will expose you to various career paths in the business within 12 months. You will leave the learnership with an FSP-recognised wealth management NQF Level 4 qualification. The qualification translates to doors of opportunity in exploring different roles in the finance industry.

Being a part of this learnership opens you up to a variety of rewarding career options, including underwriter, financial investment adviser, and insurance broker. As a learner, you will be exposed to one-year workplace and classroom experience, providing you with well-rounded professional experience.

Most importantly, Old Mutual Learnership gives its learners exposure to various products, legislation, and involvement in incredible CSI projects.

The Available Courses

Old Mutual works with outstanding instructors across the financial sector to bring the best learnership programme for all. Most importantly, its substantial expertise in investment and insurance provides a solid foundation for sustained success, particularly for matriculants with no prior working experience.

Old Mutual is well-known for its speciality in equipping unskilled young people to achieve personal and corporate success throughout the beginning of their careers. As a learner, you will benefit from Old Mutual’s proven, student-centred approach to continued professional development.

Take a look at the available courses offered by Old Mutual Learnership below:

1) Underwriting Course

Old Mutual Learnership Programme, partnering with outstanding individuals, offers a comprehensive course in insurance underwriting. This course is suitable for entry-level learners, designed to teach each learner the possible outcome of each of the risks and favorable case scenarios vs. unfavorable case scenarios.

As an aspiring underwriter, beginners like you will start your learnership with a course that introduces the objectives and terminology of insurance underwriting. You will learn the decision-making process involved in insuring a client or business.

Throughout the course, you will see the underwriting process in action through case studies in many areas. Upon completion, you may consider continuing with learnerships or training programmes in either personal insurance or commercial underwriting.

2) Financial Investment Course

In this course, you will understand how investment strategies are designed to reach financial goals. Also, you will learn the theory that underlies strong investment decisions and practical, real-world skills that you can apply when managing your client’s investment portfolio.

At first, you will develop a global understanding of financial markets and what impacts rational and irrational behaviors in finance at the micro and macro levels. Next, you will learn how to adequately build and manage a portfolio with a long-term view while gaining an appreciation for novel research advances in finance and related areas.

Outstanding instructors will contribute to this course by providing you with practical insights they have gathered through years of experience working for the country’s largest wealth manager.

3) Insurance Brokerage Course

Upon completion of this learnership, you will gain a clear understanding of the insurance industry. This course is a perfect choice to take your first step in a fulfilling career as an insurance broker.

Insurance brokers are trained professionals in insurance and risk management solutions. They help individuals and businesses find insurance policies that best meet the needs of their customers. They may focus on a single type of insurance or work with many different types, such as home, life, or health insurance.

This course by Old Mutual Learnership covers everything you need to know about the South Africa insurance industry to become a successful insurance broker. You will gain knowledge of different types of insurance and their principles, risk management, insurance claims handling, and fraud finding from this course.

Old Mutual Learnership Programme Qualification

Old Mutual Learnership welcomes your application for the programme. It is home to a collaborative, supportive, diverse, and ever-growing community more like a family than a school. Old Mutual Learnership prides itself on outcomes and a personalised approach to training and learning.

To be qualified for one of the Old Mutual Learnership’s courses, you must:

  • Be a South Africa citizens aged between 18-26
  • Have passed Grade 12 and be currently unemployed
  • Be from a household where combined household annual income is less than R350 000
  • Have passed Grade 12 or NQF Level 4 in English (50% or over) and Pure Math (50% or over) or Math Literacy (70% or over) and an official second language

The learnership is available nationally; it is open to everyone around the country.

Old Mutual Learnership Programme Requirements

To apply, you must submit a CV stating your ethnicity, gender, nationality, age, matric subjects and results, residential address, disability status (yes or no). Also, please write down any complete or uncompleted qualifications in your application.

Timeline of the Application and Learnership Implementation

If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to do online assessments. Based on the assessment results a further shortlist of applicants will be invited to attend an interview. Next, Old Mutual will invite final shortlist of applicants to a final interview with line managers.

Offers will be extended to successful applicants by mid-January. The Old Mutual Learnership itself usually commences at the beginning of February. Of all, make sure to submit your application before 6 January.

Old Mutual Learnership Official Website

Learn more or apply to the Old Mutual Learnership at www.oldmutual.co.za. Last but not least, we wish you the best of luck on your job search. For more information on learnership opportunities, read our guide to Sasol Learnership.

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