List of Companies Offering N6 In-Service Training in South Africa

N6 in-service training in South Africa offers professional training for students looking to complete their qualification. This programme is a key component of continuing medical education for physicians, pharmacists, and other medical professionals. It is also common among public servants and educators.

Students looking for N6 in-service training in South Africa will benefit from this list of companies offering the initiative across the country. We have also detailed how you can apply to the training. Keep reading to find the right firm that provides in-service training in your field of study.

N6 In-Service Training in South Africa
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1. Harry Gwala Agri

Harry Gwala Agri is a non-profit company that represents the commercial South Africa farmers. It has worked alongside a local college to establish an in-service training programme for students undertaking their national diplomas in Farm Management.

This N6 in-service training in South Africa involves 18 months of theory after which candidates who successfully pass their examination obtain an N6 qualification and are then required to complete 18 months of in-service training to obtain their diplomas.

If you are a student requiring in-service training to complete your qualification, you can email Dylan Weyer at Provide your CV and include full details of all the work experience you have gained, including non-agricultural related work. For more information, go to

2. Group Five

Group Five is a leading African construction, concessions and manufacturing group with both the ability to deliver across the full infrastructure life cycle. The group was established in 1984 when it took over construction in Darling & Hodgson.

Group Five’s in-service training serves to blend students’ academic students with sound work experience. This N6 in-service training in South Africa is offered in any of the following fields: Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Construction Management, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.

Permanent employment may be considered upon completion of candidates’ studies. However, this is dependent on the needs of the organisation. Should you wish to apply for in-service training with Group Five, send your CV, full academic record, and ID to Alternatively, visit for more information.

3. Umgeni Water

Umgeni Water, a state-owned entity, is one of Africa’s most successful organisations involved in water management. It is the largest supplier of bulk portable water in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The organisation was established in 1974.

Umgeni Water offers in-service training to students from local universities of technology. In-service training that Umgeni Water offers runs for a one-year period. Students are interviewed and placed at a plant where they will be exposed to the plant operations as per their logbook.

Students are offered in-service training in the following fields: Analytical Chemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Water Quality and Environment, Chemical Engineering, Electrical, and Instrumentation & Mechanical Engineering. For enquiries and application please contact 033 3411346 or visit


WBHO is located in Sandton, Gauteng, and is part of the Nonresidential Building Construction Industry. The company focuses on building construction, civil engineering and roads, and earthworks.

WBHO offers in-service training in line with relevant fields of study. To apply for this N6 in-service training in South Africa, the relevant application form as well as accompanying documentation should be emailed to The application form is available to download at

5. NPM Geomatics

NPM Geomatics specialises in land, cadastral, sectional title, 3D laser scanning, topographical, and engineering surveying. The company has origins dating back to 1905 when the Horne brothers established their practice in Queenstown.

NPM Geomatics offers a rigorous and structured training programme for students wishing to complete their in-service training for their diploma prior to registration as a professional land surveyor. You will be required to sign a contract for the full period of this N6 in-service training in South Africa.

If you are well presented, neat, and organised, and have strong work ethic combined with a willingness to learn, send your application form and your latest CV to Go to to learn more about this programme.

6. Bell Equipment In-Service Training

Bell Equipment is a South African manufacturing and engineering company that has earned a worldwide reputation for having top quality products and superior customer support. In addition to designing and manufacturing locally to world class quality standards, Bell has strengthened its position as an equipment supplier of choice in Southern Africa.

The company is always looking for bright students, especially aspiring technicians within the industrial engineering discipline. Bell Equipment offers to provide world class practical experience to students working towards a national diploma and who require N6 in-service training in South Africa to acquire the practical experience to complete their qualification.

Visit Bell Equipment at to view the available opportunities.

Bonus: KwaZulu-Natal Department of Public Works

It is one of the country’s governing bodies that provides an N6 in-service training in South Africa. The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Public Works remains committed to create a bright future for the students, who qualify for placement through its in-service training, especially those that are from a disadvantaged background.

The purpose of granting students the opportunity to do their in-service training programme is to provide the students with an in-depth understanding of the field the student is studying towards through the practical application of theoretical knowledge. To date, the programme has promoted personal development and attracted suitable employees.

For more information, contact TP Duma the Director of Human Resources Management at 033 260 4137 or visit

Hopefully this guide will help you to find your dream in-service training programme. If you are looking for internships to expand your CV and experience, check out our post on Department of Transport EC Internship Programme in Eastern Cape.

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