19 Types of Today’s Best Lower Level Jobs for Matriculants

Are you looking for lower level jobs to get your foot in the door of a new industry, or are you just looking for a change of pace? A good place to begin is with our guide. Below, we’ve listed the most sought-after lower level jobs in various fields. These opportunities will allow you to build a solid foundation for your future career.

The good news is that these positions are open to those with a Matric certificate in hand. A Matriculation is all that is required for these work-from-home, high-paying, and lower level jobs in healthcare, public service, retail or several other related areas.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Lower Level Jobs
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Best Lower Level Jobs for People with a Matric Certificate

For starters, there are many lower level jobs that you can search for that would be ideal for someone with a Matriculation degree in hand after high school. As a recent high school grad, you’ll fit right in with these lower level jobs:

1. Data Capturer

Capturing data is one of the most critical roles in an information-intensive business. Data capturers use computers or databases to input information.

In this position, you’ll be working with the most important data in the company. At the slightest hint of a misstep, you can quickly identify the issue and fix it rather than simply entering the wrong data.

2. Driver Heavy Duty Vehicles

Transportation of raw materials, industrial components, and industrial parts and components is the primary responsibility of heavy truck drivers, who haul loads weighing three tonnes or more locally or nationally. Heavy-duty truck drivers can work locally, regionally, or long-haul, transporting goods across the country.

Drivers of heavy trucks transport heavy loads in accordance with the rules and regulations for transporting materials on their assigned route or territory. However, depending on bridge and tunnel weight and height restrictions, they may have to alter their plans.

3. Driver Operator

Driver operators are responsible for getting clients to their destinations on time and ensuring that deliveries are made on schedule. Additionally, they may have to work nights and weekends in order to complete their tasks.

Among their responsibilities are loading parcels into their vehicle, using a navigation system to plan their route, and delivering parcels to the proper addresses on time.

4. Food Service Aid or Worker

Assisting in the preparation and serving of many different types of food is what food service workers or aids do. For example, they may put together simple dishes or handle specific tasks in the production process.

In general, this position necessitates the use of hand and power tools to prepare food. Additionally, food service workers may be responsible for stocking food supplies, serving customers, or cleaning the preparation area.

5. Household Aid or Worker

Employees who work in the home of their employers are known as “household workers.” In addition to providing care for children and the elderly, household workers are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the home, which is known as housekeeping.

For instance, cooking, doing laundry and ironing, going grocery shopping, and other household chores are all possible responsibilities of household workers.

6. Laundry Worker

Laundry workers supervise or operate dry-cleaning machines or washing machines for industrial or household goods. These include blankets, draperies, rugs, cloth clothing, suede, and fur. Yet, workers can either supervise other employees or work on their own.

The duties of a laundry worker include collecting soiled linens or clothing, sorting laundry by colour and type, performing stain treatments, and operating laundry machines to wash and dry items. Additionally, loading and unloading laundry and folding or hanging clean items are just some of the additional tasks that may be assigned to you.

7. Linen Worker

Linen workers or linen attendants work at hotels, resorts, and spas where their primary responsibility is to perform duties related to issuing linen to staff. They keep the inventory of linen and control movement of fresh linen.

You don’t need a college degree to get one of these lower level jobs. Even if you only have a Matric certificate, you can get a job as a linen worker.

8. Messenger

Messengers collect information and packages from pre-determined locations. They then deliver them to the intended recipients. Delivery boy and courier are other names for this position.

As a messenger, you’ll be responsible for gathering parcels and transporting them to their destinations. After each delivery, you should double-check that all necessary paperwork has been completed.

9. Mortuary Assistant

A vital part of the post-mortem examination is played by mortuary assistants, also called mortuary attendants or mortuary technicians. In order to aid forensic pathologists, they assist in the preparation of bodies and organ specimens for testing.

It’s also their job to maintain the mortuary rooms as well as their supplies and equipment. For the most part, they’ll be working under supervision, but they can expect to perform many of the duties of a licenced funeral director during their time as assistants.

10. Operator

An operator is someone who is responsible for setting up, operating, and maintaining machinery in a manufacturing environment. Basically, they are responsible for ensuring that the machine produces high-quality products, runs smoothly, and is operating at full capacity at all times.

Depending on the machinery, lower level jobs like this one may necessitate some form of education or training. However, the majority of operator positions require at least a Matric certificate.

11. Orthopaedic Shoemaker

Shoemakers who specialise in orthopaedic footwear design, manufacture, modify, and repair orthopaedic and therapeutic footwear are called orthopaedic shoemakers.

In addition, they use manufacturing technology to design footwear and create patterns for the production of the footwear. Orthopedic components such as insoles, soles and others are designed and manufactured by these people to help people who have foot and ankle problems.

12. Porter

For the most part, porters are in charge of cleaning and maintaining a building. In the course of their duties, they’re responsible for keeping the building clean and safe, and they’re on the lookout for any violations of rules or potential threats.

If you’re looking for lower level jobs that require no minimum educational requirements, this job is perfect for you. However, you may need to have a driver’s licence for jobs that involve transporting equipment outside.

13. Receptionist

Receptionists are responsible for welcoming guests and providing excellent customer service. For starters, this includes responding to phone calls, addressing visitors’ concerns, and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Matriculation is generally necessary for these lower level jobs. On the other hand, most companies prefer to train their receptionists on the job.

14. Road Superintendent

Road and bridge construction, improvement, maintenance, repair, and cleaning are the primary responsibilities of this position. Mandatory overtime or shift work may be required for this position.

This role has been designated as essential, which means that all duties associated with this job must be performed in the event of a disaster, inclement weather, or other emergency situation.

15. Road Work Foreman

For all road maintenance activities within the designated geographic area, the road work foreman is in charge of leading and supervising both employees and contractors.

For example, this includes the administration and implementation of existing policies and procedures, as well as the maintenance of road garage facilities and relevant equipment.

16. Road Worker

As a road worker, you will assist in the construction of new roads and pavements, the repair or improvement of existing ones, and the burying of cables beneath the roadways. Digging trenches for the installation of pipes and wires for utilities like gas, electricity, water, and telecommunications could be on your to-do list.

Additionally, painting road markings, patching potholes, and replacing cracked pavement are all responsibilities you will have. Also, there are times when you’ll have to trim trees and grass in the central reservations.

17. Security Officer

Employees, visitors, and property associated with a company are all under the protection of security officers. Additionally, it is their job to keep an eye on an area, respond to safety and security threats, and establish an overall sense of safety and security.

To be a security officer, all you need is a Matriculation or equivalent. However, the problem is that many employers will require you to have a licence in order to apply for these lower level jobs. Unarmed and armed security officers typically have different training requirements.

18. Teacher Aides

In order to help students with special needs, disabilities, or disorders learn and grow, teacher aides work under the guidance of a teacher to implement teaching and learning strategies.

This includes tasks such as assisting with student behaviour and logistics to ensure that a classroom or centre runs smoothly at all times.

19. Tradesman Aides

As a tradesman aide, your job duties include performing tasks specific to your trade, troubleshooting and solving problems, working with an artisan, and travelling to work sites to complete a job.

These job lower level jobs do not require any college degree. In fact, most tradesman aides commonly earn Matriculations.

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