List of Joburg City Vacancies for Government Jobs

Eager to be part of the government and forming policies that can improve people’s quality of life? Consider applying to the following Joburg City vacancies.

Joburg City Vacancies
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Johannesburg, or Joburg, has expanded during the previous ten years.

One factor contributing to development is the city’s continued attraction of individuals from other provinces and countries searching for better economic possibilities and a higher quality of life.

According to the population pyramid, the city’s population is primarily young. This can be ascribed to young individuals looking for work migrating from other areas of the country.

Johannesburg is considered South Africa’s economic capital and job seekers from all across the country go there in droves.

No wonder, many job seekers across the country flock to Johannesburg, hoping that they might be able to change their future for the better.

Also, many of them are looking for vacancies at government posts that offer many benefits over private-sector jobs.

About Joburg City

The Gauteng Province is home to the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality.

Johannesburg is Africa’s most sophisticated commercial hub and the backbone of the country’s and region’s economies.

It is an African metropolis with world-class infrastructure in telecommunications, transportation, water, and power, as well as globally competitive health care and educational institutions.

Johannesburg’s demographics reveal a big and ethnically varied metropolitan region.

As South Africa’s biggest metropolis, its population is shaped by a long history of domestic and international migration.

Johannesburg is home to almost five million people, accounting for around 36% of Gauteng’s population and 8% of the country’s total.

The city was founded in 1886 when gold was discovered on what had previously been a farm. Because of the massive gold deposit discovered along the Witwatersrand, the population grew to 100,000 people in ten years.

Before you start working as part of the government, you may need to go through some government internships to know more about the technicalities and responsibilities of the job so you can perform better.

Why Work at Joburg City

  • Growth opportunities
  • Decent salary
  • Chances to make other’s lives better
  • Rewarding career options

List of Joburg City Vacancies

The following is a list of Joburg City vacancies that are valid at the time this article was published.

We will announce all updates regarding the positions covered in the following list from time to time.

Hence, feel free to bookmark this article and come back later to read the latest information from the following Joburg City vacancies.

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Below are the positions that the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality is currently looking for:

1. Records Officer

To ensure that adequate and effective record-keeping services are maintained in terms of the National Archives Act, Joburg City is currently looking for a Records Officer.

To qualify, all candidates must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Grade 12 and a relevant Diploma (NQF Level 6);
  • 1-2 years of working experience in respect of filing/retrieval processes and Archive Management;
  • Computer literacy, communication skills, attention to detail; and
  • Knowledge of Archive Act, committee systems and decisions recording processes.

2. Assistant Director: Economics

A position for Assistant Director is currently available on the Joburg City vacancy.

As an Assistant Director, the successful candidate will be responsible for providing specialist expertise and capacity within the Directorate Economic Policy and Planning for assessments and reports on socio-economic and economic performance and the future of the city’s economic development.

The general requirements of this position include:

  • Degree in Economics or Econometrics, Honours degree or above (NQF Level 7);
  • 6-8 years of experience in an economic research environment;
  • Good understanding of research methodology, competency in quantitative and qualitative economic analysis;
  • Ability to identify and present key findings and deliver concise, well-written reports and presentation material to tight deadlines;
  • Familiarity with sources of socio-economic and economic data;
  • Computer literacy, coordinating, business management skills; and
  • Strong liaison and report writing skills.

3. Consultant: Organisational Development

An Organisational Development Consultant is currently being sought by Joburg City to fill a vacant position.

The consultant is expected to be able to provide guidance and advice to Municipal Entities Department to help improve efficiency, enhance operations, and optimally drive profitability/productivity.

Please meet the following requirements if you are interested in applying for this job:

  • Matric Certificate and a Bachelor’s Degree in Organisational Development/Management Services/Organisational Psychology/Business Administration or any qualification in the Organisational Development related field at NQF Level 7;
  • 4-8 years of overall experience in the Organisational Development discipline in a professional capacity;
  • Work-study and work methods skills;
  • Significant experience and knowledge in facilitation workshops and forums in various levels of the organisation; and
  • A valid driver’s licence.

4. Deputy Director: MISS Security Compliance

A Deputy Director is needed to manage, regulate and implement the City of Johannesburg Security Compliance initiatives in line with the State Security Guidelines.

Candidates must meet the following requirements to qualify:

  • Grade 12 or Matric Certificate or National Certificate;
  • NQF Level 7, relevant Bachelor’s Degree on Social Sciences or equivalent qualification on Policing, Forensic Investigation, Security Management and Basic Vetting Course;
  • Registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) is desirable;
  • Member of the Security Forum will be an added advantage;
  • 7 years of experience in risk, security management, MISS environment and/or related security-related experience of which 3 years should be at management level within public service or private sector;
  • Completed SSA/SSAPS/South African National Defense Force (SANDF) MISS Course or should complete the course within one year of appointment;
  • Membership to relevant regulatory bodies will be an added advantage or should register for membership within one year or appointment.

How to Apply to Joburg City Vacancies

To apply to any of the advertised positions above, you must submit an application letter together with a comprehensive CV to the contact details mentioned in the job advertisement attached.

You can find the job advertisement or vacancy circular on Joburg’s website.

Applications that have not been responded to within 6 weeks of the closing date should be regarded as unsuccessful.

Finalization of the appointments to be within four months from the closing date of the Joburg City vacancies.

While the list of Joburg City vacancies above includes a variety of high paying positions, you may be surprised at how much you can earn by pursuing one of the highest paying jobs for felons.

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