12 Highest Paying Jobs without a Degree to Earn Loads of Money

Everyone must have wanted to have the highest paying job that could give them loads of money. In fact, most companies especially international companies want to have a bachelor degree as one of the requirements to fulfill. It is a standard requirement that all companies have. However, there are also some highest paying jobs without degree that can be used to gain money too.

People might believe that having no degree will never be able to be accepted in those companies that offer high salary. The truth is you can still set your goals high to earn a lot of money, although you don’t have a title as a bachelor degree.

List of High Paying Jobs without College

The following information will point out some high paying jobs without a degree or experience. It proves that these days there are still a lot of people who are willing to pay high for those without bachelor degree as a standard qualification.


Choreographer Jobs
Choreographer via usnews.com

Have you ever dreamt of being a part of High School Musical made by Disney? When you feel like you are born with a talent of making dance moves and also coordinating with a lot of people to join in your dance, it can be said that you have a heart for being a choreographer.

Being a choreographer is also one of the highest paying jobs without a degree or experience that you can try. The main requirement to be a choreographer is usually a person who had finished his high school.

It takes a great responsibility to be a choreographer because it deals with a lot of people, takes a lot of efforts, and puts a lot of emotions and feeling. No wonder, the salary of a choreographer is relatively high.

The lowest salary: $38,813

The median salary: $48,572

The highest salary: $59,364

Insurance Sales Agent

Highest Paying Jobs without Degree
Insurance Sales Agent on Ed2Go

As an agent of insurance, you will deal with health, auto, life, and also home insurance. Meanwhile, when you work as commercial insurance agent, you will mostly deal with the damaged property to sell, employee coverage, and also products liability.

Insurance sales agents are the representatives of companies to protect health, auto, life, and home for some people in order to avoid some misfortune that may happen in near future.

Most insurance agents prefer working in an agency and promoting the products of the company offers. Only less than 25% agency choose working as self-employed insurance agent.

The lowest salary: $36,417

The median salary: $50,600

The highest salary: $77,930

Equipment Operator

Highest Paying Jobs without Degree
Equipment Operator on arkansasnext

Working as an equipment operator is one of the high paying jobs without college that may lead you for better future. Being an equipment operator means that you will mostly deal with running excavator, steering graders, driving truck (either dump truck or tow truck), repairing roads, directing asphalt pavers, and also rolling the rollers to fill the roads.

The requirement to apply for this job is having graduated from senior high school. People with no experience in advance may apply because they have supported their equipment with high technology to facilitate the operators to work well and faster.

The lowest salary: $39,270

The median salary: $54,912

The highest salary: $71,549


Highest Paying Jobs without Degree
Carpenter on Unsplash

When you like making furniture or anything related to it, one of the probable highest paying jobs without degree to apply is being a carpenter. Although you don’t need to have any degree to be a carpenter, yet carpenter also needs mathematic skills to do the manual task and to ensure that they are making right measurement in furniture.

Generally, people have their own perception thinking that being carpenter won’t give them any dollar. In fact, more and more people are interested to be carpenter due to high salary offered to them. In 2018, the statistics showed that the project for carpenter has risen up to 8 percent.

The lowest salary: $42,834

The median salary: $53,590

The highest salary: $69,285

Patrol Officer

Highest Paying Jobs without Degree
Patrol officer on Santacruzsentinel

When you hate working behind a desk and making official reports every day, one of the suitable jobs to choose is patrol officer. Working as a patrol officer means that you will spend more time outside the office.

You will deal with incident reports, respond and solve them. Some people find this job very exhausting and draining but some others find it amusing. They don’t have to be stuck in the office typing and making phone calls.

The median salary: $61,380

The highest salary: $73,726


Highest Paying Jobs without Degree
Plumber on unasurcds.org

If you think that fixing clogged sink and making sure that the water runs smoothly, probably being a plumber is what you like the most. In all homes with clogged sink and no water, plumber is needed to get rid of these issues.

Indeed, it needs no bachelor degree or associate degree to be a plumber. In fact, being a plumber requires skill, knowledge, patience, and also passion to keep learning. They can work well either individually or in a group.

They will be able to install pipes and fixtures, connect them, and also ensuring that the water supply can connect to all appliances such as sink, water heater, and also dishwasher.

The lowest salary: $48,910

The median salary: $53,211

The highest salary: $69,273


Highest Paying Jobs without Degree
Firefighter on hci.edu

Have you ever imagined yourself working as a firefighter? People are quite improbable to choose being a firefighter reminding that they have bigger responsibilities and higher risk compared to other types of job.

It may be true since firefighters are specially trained and taught to put out the fires and rescue people or animals who trapped in a burning place. However, it is not only fire or burning places that they need to get rid of. They also have to solve any kinds of hazardous materials which could harm people such as car accidents, medical incidents and even flood.

In order to be a firefighter, you have to be accepted as the emergency medical technician and get proper medical training. It is aimed to serve people faster and give proper treatment during the accidents.

The median salary: $51,620

The highest salary: $70,384

Sales Representatives

Highest Paying Jobs without Degree
Sales representative on careerbuilder

Finding yourself as an expert in selling goods or services to some companies or organization might lead you to work as a sales representative. What does a sales representative do?

A sales representative will promote and sell goods or services directly from the manufacturers to buyers in a bulk, for instance, supermarkets or shopping malls. The percentage of selling relies on how attentive and hard-working the sales representative is.

They have to be smart, know all the details of the products they sell, understand different personalities of the customers, and also analyze the sales statistics in daily or weekly reports. The salaries of sales representative rely on the experiences and sales results too.

The lowest salary: $54,802

The median salary: $63,158

The highest salary: $72,310

Brickmason and Blockmason

Brickmason and Blockmason
Brickmason and Blockmason on tes.com

Another reference of highest paying jobs without degree to gain a lot of money is by working as brickmason and blockmason. Both brickmason and blockmason are two persons needed when people want to construct building, homes, and even hall. The owners will never be able to make good building without the presence of brickmason and blockmason.

In fact, they will not only construct building from zero to a perfect building. They will also deal with beautifying buildings, homes, or other constructions, decorating the trim work, making interior structures, and even changing the patios.

Bachelor degree isn’t really needed to be brickmason and blockmason. As long as they want to have extensive training and proper learning, they will be able to apply for these two jobs.

The lowest salary: $50,174

The median salary: $57,590

The highest salary: $68,379

First Line Supervisors of Detectives

Highest Paying Jobs without Degree
First Line Supervisors of Detectives on yourfreecareertest

Another high paying jobs no college degree not to be missed is first line supervisors of detectives. In other words, you can refer it as a police sergeant. Yes, you will be working under the law and you will make sure that fairness exists in this world.

As a police sergeant, you will be responsible for supervising the police force, training new staffs, and also ensuring that all the cases received will be conducted based on appropriate law.

The chance of being accepted as first line supervisor of detective is by having a high school diploma. Moreover, you need to pass some training and exams related to the job.

The median salary: $87,147

Storage and Distribution Manager

distribution manager
storage and distribution manager on eightieskids

Applying a job as storage and distribution manager will give you countless of money. The duties of a store and distribution manager are overseeing all the products including the shipping and the allocation in store, planning to distribute to all stores, directing and also coordinating all the workers to transport the goods correctly and safely.

If you are interested to work in this field, you need to have high school diploma and at least five years experiencing the related field. After that you will get the training by the time you get the job.

The median salary: $94,730

These twelve jobs mentioned before can be some recommendations for you in choosing a job that offers high salary. These jobs can be obtained without having to possess a bachelor degree. However, most of them have the standard qualification of high school diploma.

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