A List of Highest Paying Jobs in the World

Having the highest paying jobs in the world can be everyone’s dream which they hoped it could come true. They could work normally and get the most salaries compared to those who are in the same age as them. Unfortunately, there are countless of people who also want these jobs as well.

You need to have good basic of personalities and good educational background in order to be able to compete well in this evolving world. These highest salary in the world could come in the field of finance, business, medical and more based on the demands of the employees.

Highest Paying Jobs in the World from Any Field

When you have no educational background about medical, don’t worry since you can still find the best jobs that offer good salary. Here is some information about the highest salary in the world to refer.


highest paying jobs in the world
Anesthesiologist on ciproms.com

Working as an anesthesiologist can be one of the highest paying jobs in the world. An anesthesiologist is very important when someone has to undergo a surgery. He will know exactly when and how much anesthesia to administer. He will also make sure that the patient will be safe during the surgery.

An anesthesiologist will find every single information about the patients. It could be from the medical history such as the allergic, the previous surgery, and other medical reports. Anesthesiologists will accompany the patients before, after and also during the surgery.

The lowest salary: $245,850

The median salary: $267,100


highest paying jobs in the world
Surgeon on gettyimages

Probably, working in a hospital can bring a good status and also good income. One of the best jobs in medical career that has good future is being a surgeon. When you want to be a surgeon, having only a bachelor’s degree isn’t enough. You need to have master degree in medical field of study and years of training.

Working as a surgeon needs you to do some surgeries to your patients. When the patients are suffering from serious illnesses or disease, surgeon can be the one who helps. He will open up your body, check what’s wrong with the body, and treat as much as he could.

However, working as a surgeon also has some risks. When the surgeons give wrong diagnose, the patients will be on danger. They need to have deeper knowledge about all the illnesses. Surgeons also have to learn more about any kinds of modern treatments and new medicine.

The median salary: $250,000

Highest Paying Jobs in the World as Prosthodontist

highest paying jobs in the world
Prosthodontist on gettysburgcosmeticdental.com

Having some problems about your teeth such as replacing missing teeth and maintaining the oral functions can be done by the help of a prosthodontist. A prosthodontist is a professional who has an expertise in fixing the oral function and oral structures. It includes deformation of jaws and mouth, appearance improvement, and also oral function maintenance.

There are some job duties that prosthodontists have to deal with every single day. They also have to place veneers for concealing the defects occurred. When there are some dentures, they have to repair, reline, or even rebase for having better structure. By using the technology, prosthodontists are able to chance and shape teeth, design dental prostheses, and make fit adjustments.

If you wish to be a prosthodontist, you need to have at least a doctoral degree and complete residency programs in prosthodontics. Having the same degree as dentists, a prosthodontist also needs to have a license to be able to practice specialty in dental.

The lowest salary: $28,500

The median salary: $225,023

The highest salary: $364,000

Nurse Anesthetists

highest paying jobs in the world
Nurse anesthetist on jacksonvilleu.com

Similar to anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists are another example of the highest paying jobs in the world. Probably most of people hardly know about the differences between nurse anesthetists and also anesthesiologists. Both of them indeed work in the same medical field.

The main differences between anesthesiologists and also nurse anesthetists rely on how they begin their career and the requirements. Nurse anesthetists can start their career path as long as they have at least an associate degree. It will give them a license as a registered nurse and they need to pass the NCLEX-RN, a kind of examination to get the degree.

Meanwhile, anesthetists are the specialized physicians which mean that they have to pass the doctor education. They start with the bachelor’s degree and complete 2 years internship in medical school to get the specialties. When they have done with their school, they need another years of fellowship.

The median salary: $171,000

Petroleum Engineer

highest paying jobs in the world
Petroleum engineer on insidermonkey

If oil and gas are some of the interests that you have in looking for a job, then a petroleum engineer can be your concentration. It belongs to one of the highest paying jobs in the world. Working as a petroleum engineer needs you to design the drill equipment to extract oil and gases.

The duties of a petroleum engineer are drilling equipment that will be used for the oil and gases extraction, monitor drilling, and ensure the tools installation is effective and safe. They also have to devise plan and methods to explore more oil and gas. They also have to work together with some geoscientists and other specialists.

When you think this job is interesting, you need to have good qualifications for working as a petroleum engineer. A master’s degree in the field of engineering with license is needed as the main qualification. You also have to have a lot of experiences in the industry of petroleum. Besides, good skills, knowledge and better understanding of conditions in the market should have been possessed.

The median salary: $156,370

IT Manager

highest paying jobs in the world
IT manager on wordtemplatesonline

One of the highest paying job non-medical that you can try is working as an IT manager. As it may sound, working as a manager means that you will manager all of your subordinates that work in the same field. What does an IT manager do in their daily jobs?

An IT manager will be responsible for managing all the projects related to information and technology. It includes regular checks about both network and also data security. IT managers also deal with finding the chance to improve the software and system. They also have to develop and implement the policies and regulations related to IT to provide better organization.

There are some attributes that someone needs to have before applying to work as an IT manager. First, they must have a bachelor’s degree especially in IT, computer science or management information. Some experiences in dealing with complex information and technologies are much preferable. Besides, you also need to have good organization skills, strong leadership, good negotiation skills, written and oral skills.

The median salary: $152,860


highest paying jobs in the world
Podiatrist on thisladyblogs.com

People who have problem with their ankles, feet, toes and also lower legs will seek the help of a podiatrist. The patients will consult the pain they experience to the podiatrists. Then the podiatrist will check the condition, prescribe orthotics, give treatment and also conduct the surgeries.

Podiatrists deal with serious illnesses and injuries related to their feet, lower legs, and ankles. In fact, applying the therapeutic treatments isn’t an easy thing that everyone can do without finishing the education.

As they need to give exact and accurate diagnoses, they need to have a doctoral degree in the field of podiatric medicine. Then they also need to have a lot of practical experience in a clinic. A good podiatrist needs to have a lot of knowledge relate to medicine, modern surgical, therapeutic and also topical treatments.

The lowest salary: $108,740

The median salary: $148,220

The highest salary: $205,961

Highest Paying Jobs in the World as Lawyer

highest paying jobs in the world
Lawyer on volunteerlawyersnetwork

Professionals who give a fruitful advices and represent you in legal matters are lawyer. Lawyers will counsel their clients, prepare legal documents, undergo legal researches, and also represent their clients in the court. Besides, lawyers also need to monitor legal risks in documentation, prepare pleading, oversee paralegals, and manage wills, contracts, and trusts.

Working as a lawyer may give you good offer from income and other bonuses. However, in order to be a lawyer isn’t easy. You have to get at least a bachelor’s degree in law and admitted attorney. Moreover, you have to have a lot of experience in negotiating and reviewing legal documents. You will work in fast-pace environment, thus, you should be able to work under pressure and wok independently if needed.

Besides, you should have good communication skills as well as public speaking skills as you will represent your clients. If you are a detail and thorough person, you will have better chance to be accepted as a lawyer. When you think that you are the one that can meet all the requirements to be a lawyer, you can have a try in applying.

The lowest salary: $94,770

The median salary: $124,230

The highest salary: $146,200

From those highest paying jobs in the world, each of them requires the applicants to have good personalities, good teamwork, and also good education. Each job mentioned above has offered you a good amount of salary. Probably when you work as another job, it takes forever to achieve that number of salary. However, when you think that you are capable of getting the job, trying your luck may gain you benefits.

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