Highest Paying Jobs for Felons that Offer Everyone a Second Chance

There are criminal convictions for millions of Americans. If you’re one of them, then you know that it’s not always easy to find decent work for felons. In reality, it is always the biggest obstacle for ex-offenders and felons in this nation to find some kind of jobs at all. On top of that, it may seem quite scarce for opportunities. Even so, it is not difficult to find highest paying jobs for felons. In fact, there are second chances for many ex-convicts, and you can obtain them, too. But, first, a few things are important to consider. Specifically, your experience is not unusual. Moreover, it can be dire to have the future repercussions of not persisting in your work quest.

highest paying jobs for felons
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Data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics indicates that the number of Americans with felony convictions rose by 37 percent from 1990 to 2006. Truth be told, this was a staggering rise. As a result, more than two million individuals are now incarcerated in this country. Plus, according to the Department of Justice, within three years of their release, about two-thirds of all ex-offenders released from state prisons end up being incarcerated again. Yet, over 90% of former federal prisoners who find jobs following their release are able to integrate back into society successfully.

What all that means is this: If you can find reliable jobs, you are far less likely to ever return to jail. In reality, nearly any legal job is safer for felons than the option of turning to violence. At times, the job-search process can feel unfair and daunting. However, those who continue and know where to look always find new reasons for their potential hope and optimism. Jobs that employ felons may not be well advertised. Yet, as long as you make the extra effort to locate and apply for them, they are available.

So, what are the highest paying jobs for felons? You should start by looking at the following list of the highest paying jobs for felons.

Can a felon be successful?

In reality, moving ahead in life can seem like a difficult task to accomplish if you are a felon. On top of that, many employers disqualify persons with criminal convictions automatically. Plus, you may not be able to get government aid. Consequently, that will leave you with a few choices. But again, that depends on the state and the nature of the crimes that the court convicted you of. Of course, it makes it tough enough to get a good job to have one felony on your record. Nevertheless, getting more than one makes it virtually impossible. If you’d like to get your life back on track, you can do so without much trouble. But again, it’s only possible if you know where to look.

Keep a good outlook when you are seeking jobs after being released from jail or prison. Truth be told, even after a life in jail, felons can become good. In spite of your belief, you will find jobs that pay well with a little ambition and an ongoing desire to build a better life. Hence, a great place to begin is this list of the highest paying jobs for felons that pay you well.

List of the highest paying jobs for felons

Sales sector

Hardworking sales representatives are what the suppliers and wholesale distributors need. In that case, they have to be good at marketing their goods and concluding deals with businesses and other organizations. So, if you’re outgoing and don’t mind traveling or making a lot of phone calls, it might be a good choice for a career. And through online courses, you can learn the art of selling. However, just bear in mind that many sales positions will only be available to those who do not have felonies on their records. In particular, it is available for those who did not do theft or violence. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • Marketing specialist: $16.51 – $34.41 per hour
  • Sales representative: $19.75 – $44.70 per hour

Engineering sector

By creating, preserving, and enhancing so many things that we all rely on and benefit from in our day-to-day lives, engineers make a huge difference to the world. For this very reason, a career in engineering can be meaningful and satisfying. Specifically, engineers discuss complex challenges and activities and find the right ways to enhance daily life. Moreover, engineers lead to imagination. They changed the world in which we work for decades. If you want to make a difference, the perfect highest paying jobs for felons are in the engineering sector. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • Mechanical engineering technician: $16.90 – $28.44 per hour
  • Wind energy technician: $19.15 – $27.26 per hour
  • HVAC/R technician: $14.72 – $24.72 per hour
  • Solar energy technician: $15.19 – $22.52 per hour

IT sector

Perhaps the main justification for working in the IT sector is the job itself. In fact, there is definitely no better industry to be in if you’re keen on being on the precipice of research, exploration, growth, and innovation. Plus, the greatest benefit of choosing a career in the IT sector is that it has a relatively low cost of tuition. For that reason, this is unlike many other career options. To become an IT specialist, you don’t need a four-year degree. Instead, in particular areas of IT, you can get easy training to get a certification. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • Mobile app developer: $30.88 – $53.66 per hour
  • A web designer or web developer: $19.01 – $39.60 per hour
  • Computer network support specialist: $18.75 – $33.10 per hour

Freelance sector

Freelancing is a career choice that everyone, regardless of their talent, background, or circumstance, may choose. However, these options might not be the highest paying jobs in the world. Nevertheless, the amount you receive depends on your ability and the amount of effort you make each day. Thus, you might start at the bottom and work your way up when you don’t have a lot of experience. If you lack the necessary skills, you might think you can’t be a freelancer. However, you can take online courses and learn as you go, even if you are not an expert yet. In reality, many individuals on a budget are able to employ practitioners at all ability levels. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • Film or video editor: $15.75 – $41.97 per hour
  • Writer: $16.18 – $35.51 per hour
  • Graphic designer: $14.81 – $27.17 per hour
  • Painter: $13.04 – $21.46 per hour
  • Telephone customer service representative: $11.23 – $18.24 per hour
  • Dog trainer: $9.77 – $12.36 per hour

Grocery store & supermarket sector

As a matter of fact, it can be very rewarding to work in a grocery store. In truth, there are a lot of jobs available, so you’re sure to find the work that you want to do. Fortunately, to get your foot in the door, most grocery stores don’t require any experience. Moreover, they usually provide on-the-job preparation for new workers. Thus, you can learn customer service, time management, leadership skills, the ability to take the lead, and problem solving as a team member at a store, and much more. Furthermore, these skills are highly transferable. Plus, they would be very attractive to someone in the future who is looking at your CV. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • Shipping and receiving clerk: $11.51 – $17.32 per hour
  • Store clerk or order filler: $9.87 – $14.26 per hour

Manufacturing sector

Tons of entry-level openings are available as some of highest paying jobs for felons by manufacturing employment. Actually, many businesses are ready to do on-the-job training and do not need any prior work experience. For recent graduates and individuals looking to broaden their work experience, it’s an ideal career option. Ultimately, it is even true for individuals who want to move into a new field. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • Electrician: $16.06 – $29.02 per hour
  • Plumber: $15.71 – $28.75 per hour
  • Welder: $14.17 – $21.73 per hour
  • Auto mechanic: $11.73 – $21.58 per hour
  • Auto glass installer or repairer: $11.86 – $18.00 per hour

Applying for the highest paying jobs for felons

In truth, there’s no question that finding a job as a felon can be very tough. Still, you will be able to get a decent job with some hard work and persistence. Therefore, you have to be optimistic and never lose faith. Actually, there are plenty of possibilities and soon you will certainly get one. For that reason, only keep on patiently applying for highest paying jobs for felons.

That being said, good luck on your job hunting and godspeed!

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