10 High Paying Jobs Entry Level for Fresh Graduates

It has been a fact that everybody wants to have a job and earn countless money. As a beginner who has never had any job experience, are there any high paying jobs entry level that fresh graduates could rely on? The answer is yes.

Entry level is categorized as a level where fresh graduates work without job experience. These fresh graduates will get the training on the spot by the time they get the job. However, the job provider will still look for the skills and basic knowledge for the workers in order to fulfill their duty.

Recommendation of High Paying Jobs Entry Level

Generally, most companies are obviously looking for those who have a lot of experience compared to those who haven’t. However, giving some chances for the fresh graduates by giving them high paying entry level jobs no experience won’t cost you anything. The following information will show you highest paying jobs for references.

Delivery Driver

delivery driver
Delivery driver on freepik

When most people are asked to stay at home and do the social distancing, the easiest and the fastest way to serve food is by having food delivered to their door. It gives another chance for the delivery driver or food courier to earn money.

They don’t have to have special skills or experience but you will get high earnings by delivering food. However, it also works for delivery drivers who work in courier firms such as FedEx or UPS. They think that this job brings more advantages than its duties.

They will mostly spend time outdoor and meet a wide range of people while delivering products. During the peak days like Saturday and Sunday, they will receive rising salary.

The salary per hour: $30

The median salary: $30,350

The highest salary: $54,680


Bartender on barschool.net

Are you interested in making great beverages that could be enjoyed by a lot of customers? Are you a type of person who likes challenges and competitions to make the best drink? If the answer is yes, bartender can be said as the best option of job to apply.

Being a bartender needs no degree, however, when you have bartender certificates or some experiences in similar field, the job prospects you will get will be higher. You have to be friendly, kind, rich in knowledge products, responsible, and also willing to learn. They will work behind the bar and sometimes they receive tips from the satisfied customers.

The salary per hour: $12

The median salary: $24,000

The highest salary: $52,200

Financial Clerk

High Paying Jobs Entry Level
Financial clerk on istock

Working in a financial world can be challenging for some people even when they want to apply for best entry-level jobs. Financial clerk is one of the highest paying jobs to rely on when you are interested in the world of accounting. It is a great start from an entry level to earn a lot of money.

If you are a high school diploma and you are willing to take up some trainings given on the spot, you can apply as a financial clerk. This position is highly needed because the financial claims keep rising from time to time.

The median salary: $46,750

The highest salary: $64,860

Flooring Installers

High Paying Jobs Entry Level
Flooring installers on chestnutflooring

When you want to start working but you have no experience before, you can start to work as a flooring installer. Yes, it is a job to install floor before the owners of the house move in or when they want to renovate the floor of their houses.

You can apply for this job when you are a high school diploma and there is no further formal education needed. When you have been accepted, there are some trainings that you need to do for a few weeks.

Working as a flooring installer will give you decent salary you will never imagine before. When you aren’t sure about long apprenticeship, you may choose per project to avoid long contract.

The lowest salary: $27,380

The median salary: $44,550

The highest salary: $74,630


Plumber on Advanceplumbingandrooter

Another high paying entry level jobs no degree that can bring you a lot of money is plumber. The main requirement to be a plumber is only high school diploma or equivalent degree. When you have certain specialties, you will have bigger chance to be accepted and get higher salary. You will only need to do some on-the-spot training for a week to adapt yourself in a new job.

Plumber is needed to fix pipes and clogged sink. Without the presence of plumber, you will also have no running water to your bathtub. If you are able to fit all the requirements to be a plumber, this job will give you a lot of money.

The lowest salary: $41,220

The median salary: $58,190

The highest salary: $90,100

Flight Attendant

High Paying Jobs Entry Level
Flight attendant on rjet.com

Probably, being a flight attendant is one of the most prestigious job that most people want to be. They could fly everywhere they like without paying the ticket fee, they could go abroad regularly, and they could make a lot of new friends.

You have to obtain high school diploma or equivalent in order to be able to apply this job as a flight attendant. Moreover, you need to pass three to six month trainings to get the receipt of FAA Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency.

Flight attendants have the duties of checking the passengers based on their seats, showing the emergency actions, helping passengers who need help, and also showing directions.

The lowest salary: $31,950

The median salary: $58,700

The highest salary: $80,185

Sales Representatives

High Paying Jobs Entry Level
Sales representatives on freepik

Having chosen to represent a company or a manufacturer means that you have a big responsibility to take care about the standard sales to fulfill. As one of the highest paying jobs to enroll, sales representative needs to have product knowledge in a great detail, good personalities and will to learn something new every day.

Sales representatives need to make sure that the products manufactured by the manufacturers could be sold in a bulk to gain profits. They will make some deals with shopping malls or café or bigger companies instead of direct customers. It is because they want to sell it in a long period.

When you want to apply this job, you need to ensure that you are a high school diploma. It will be an exciting journey to work on for a fresh graduate.

The lowest salary: $42,775

The median salary: $64,000

The highest salary: $110,850


Landscaper on Royal Examiner

Beautifying gardens and making good landscape are what a landscaper is needed for. They will be hired by the house owners to trim the plants, clean the garden, plant something and make them beautiful.

During the winter, the duties might change into plowing the driveways, working at the ice rinks, and also shoveling sidewalks. Landscaper is needed in every changing season at last.

In order to have this kind of job people with no experience can still apply. However, when you have already had some experiences, your salary will be higher since you will get more trust from the customers.

The salary per hour: $15

The median salary: $32,000

The highest salary: $89,500

Security Guard

High Paying Jobs Entry Level
Security guard on automobilesrilanka

Well, people used to think that those who were able to work as a security guard should be a man. In fact, these high paying jobs entry level are also chosen by loads of women. These days, gender will not become the limitation in applying job as a security guard.

People who want to work as a security guard have to obtain high school diploma or those who have equivalent degree could apply too. However, when you have ever done or made criminal records or you don’t have proper physical fitness, you will be unable to work in this field.

As it has been known, security guard has to ensure that no danger is found and people inside the building are safe. They have to check whoever wants to come in and greet them warmly beforehand.

The lowest salary: $24,580

The median salary: $32,100

The highest salary: $59,000

Restaurant Server

restaurant servant
Restaurant server on upserve.com

A restaurant obviously needs a lot of server when they have a lot of customers. The customers need to feel satisfied with all the possible services. No wonder, restaurant server keeps on being needed urgently because the demand of the servers is high.

According to BLS, there more than 2.7 million people chose to work as restaurant server in the US. It keeps rising because it has great salary and sometimes they could get tips from the customers too.

You have to work hard, keep learning, and be careful in facing the customers to make sure that all the orders are correctly served on time. It must be tiring but it is worth the pay.

The salary per hour: $12

The median salary: $24,100

These 10 references of high paying jobs for the fresh graduates who have no experience in working may be a good chance for them in improving their skills. They will be able to start adapting the world of business. They will have to learn to be responsible and manage their time well. Out of these 10 high paying jobs, which one will be suitable for you to pick?

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