6 High Demand Jobs or Professions in the Future

Welcome to the future of employment! Looking for a job can be a scary and intimidating matter, especially when you’re a young adult living in this generation. With most of today’s generation usually so focused on the present, it can be hard to come up with something to do in the next five to ten years. Various changes are happening right now due to the advancement of technology. As a result, there will be needs, new demands, new job opportunities will pop up.

According to Forbes, Monster, and Glassdoor, there are several fields in the future that will be opening a lot of job vacancies in their respective fields. However, as a consequence, there will also be several fields that will have to shut down certain jobs as they won’t be in much demand in the future. This is because more and more jobs are getting replaced by automated machines, such as cashiers, and most probably drivers.

high demand jobs

If you’re currently confused as to which career field you would like to pursue in the future, no need to sweat! We have you covered. Here are a list of jobs that will be in high demand in the future.

Number #01: Medical Field

Jobs within the medical field are currently growing very fast nowadays. It is estimated that by the year 2020, there would be an approximate 700,000 job vacancies opened with the medical field. It is worth mentioning that it’s not just doctors that are currently wanted the most, but other medical careers such as people who work in home care are expected to be in high demand in the future. A factor that contributes to this phenomena is the fact that people within this generation are expected to have a high level of longevity. It is predicted that people are expected to live up to ages as long as 108 or above. Because of this, they would require professional care takers who are able to look out for these kinds of people.

Another type of medical career that will be very much required is within the Medical Information and Technology industry. Within the upcoming years, a lot of medical processes will be needing more advanced machines to help out with more complex medical problems. As of this moment, there has been new cases of Medical IT developers creating machines that can create viruses. Believe it or not, this industry can grow to an estimate of a hundred billion dollars and is growing 50% year by year.

Number #02: Creative Industry

The Creative Industry is one unique industry. From the name itself, it is an industry that requires a lot of creativity and thinking outside of the box. These are all things that are hard to be replicated by machines. Even though we already have AI, it is unable to replicate the imagination that it takes to create photographs, videos, texts, and etc. Only the power of the human mind and the human heart have the capacity to jump into the Creative Industry.

With this in mind, predicted Creative Industry jobs that will flourish in the future include photographers, vloggers, content creators, video designers, architects, and everything in between. Even though machines can get everything done is such an efficient and quick way, it has yet to be able to understand things that only humans can comprehend, such as feelings, emotions, creativity, imagination, empathy, and etc.

Number #03: Sales

Do you have a passion in becoming a salesperson? If you do, you’re in luck! The Sales industry is currently booming as we’re speaking right now. Even though there is already Artificial Intelligence that is slowly automating the Sales industry, it is worth mentioning that people are currently looking for salespeople who have the right people skills to sell their products. This industry is currently looking for people who know how to sell, who know what people are like, have a sense of charisma and wit that can attract attention. Unfortunately, AI cannot copy that.

If you’re interested in the Sales industry, look out for jobs like salespeople and marketing teams. These two jobs will require smart people who are able to convince others into buying what their company offers. This is an excellent choice for today’s generation, as we tend to be more social and extroverted with others. If you think you have what it takes, then this industry is definitely for you in the future.

Number #04: Food Business

The Food business, also known as the Culinary business, is looking for some well-qualified people at the moment. There might be an influx of restaurants or cafes that are using machines to do their cooking or brewing to attract the attention of visitors – like for example, a machine brewing your coffee with just one push of a button. But machines aside, a common trend that’s going on in this generation is that more of its youths are spending less time cooking at homes and would rather eat out instead. Because of this phenomena, there is a lot of opportunities for people who would like to open up their own food business or who would like to become a part of the culinary staff.

In addition, this generation is becoming more conscious about what they consume on a day to day basis. Think of vegetarian food, gluten-free food, halal food, anything that revolves around that. The Food business will be requiring well-skilled culinary staff that can tend to these peoples’ needs. Society will always be looking for new upcoming food places and they will always be searching for amazing food to eat. So, culinary experts, this is your chance to shine!

Number #05: Developers

Understand the complex language of coding, computers, and software engineering? Developers, you’re in luck! You are going to be very required in the future. Software engineers, application developers, UX/UI designers, product designers, anything within the spectrum of coding and creating products online is going to in so much high demand. This is due to a current need of most offline industries that are planning to merge onto an online platform in the future. As technology is becoming much more advanced, and with society’s need for people who have a strong knowledge in the software developing spectrum, this is the ultimate chance for you.

It is worth noted that the software developing business is filled with well-paid professions. It is estimated that the average American software engineer is able to earn at least thousands of dollars a year. In order to become a software engineer, or anything within the online developing field, you will be asked to attain a bachelor’s degree in the Computer field. The best part? It is anticipated that by the year 2026, there is going to be a projected growth of at least 1 million job vacancies in the software market around the world.

Number #06: Education Field

Last on this list is the Education Field. Back in the old days, education mainly used to be about attending regular schools and only being able to learn things by attending classes offline. This generation is a lot different. As of right now, there are a lot of school curriculum that are going through drastic changes, and that is going to require qualified educators who are able to accommodate to this growth by searching for the right educational resources and experimenting with different learning methods.

On top of that, another education trend that we’re seeing right now is that a lot of offline classes are moving online. And most of these classes are turning into short courses where everyone from all fields are able to tune in to. From short courses in photography to drawing, to heavier courses such as philosophy to economics, alternative educators will be predicted to be in high demand for the future.

Other Future Professions

Of course, there are a lot of other potential professions that will be be very much required in the near future. Some of these jobs include:

  • Trash Engineers: people who will be a part of this profession are going to be responsible for developing waste material into something that can be used by society. For example, transforming rubbish into electricity that can be used to power houses.
  • Drone Operators: we see a lot of people purchasing drones and using them for photography or videography purposes. However, rarely is there a course educator that teaches people how to use drones from scratch. Most of these drone users just learn how to use them by reading instructions or watching videos.
  • Body/Organ Creators: as more complex medical problems increases, there will be a need for people who are able to create bodies or organs to save patients. It is an unorthodox job, but it is a job that will also be in high demand as well.

Unfortunately, as time progresses by, there will be certain jobs that we won’t have to rely on anymore in the future. These includes jobs within the agricultural field, postal services, and data entry. However, then let that put you down. At the end of the day, there is no job too big or too small for anyone. As long as we are able to adjust properly, then seeking employment shouldn’t be a problem. Good luck finding your future careers with this reference!

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