Harmony Gold Vacancies Present 7 Golden Opportunities in Mining

Many think that vacancies in mining are generally dominated by miners or technicians. While it is true that both professions hold the majority of the market, there are also jobs in other areas of expertise in the industry! For example, you can see how diverse the following Harmony Gold vacancies are.

You can expect to work in one of Harmony Gold’s six general departments, whether it’s finance, human resources, geology or metallurgy. Due to the extensive list, you may be able to find one that matches your qualifications and interests. Plus, Harmony Gold, as an employer, provides employment to nearly all South Africans regardless of their level of education. The company also accepts matriculants!

If you have what it takes to join the company, then keep reading. Find job opportunities that might be ideal for you below.

Harmony Gold Vacancies
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About Harmony Gold

Harmony Gold is the first largest gold mining company in South Africa. Harmony operates in South Africa and Papua New Guinea. The company has nine underground mines, one open-pit mine and several surface operations in South Africa.

In Papua New Guinea, it has Hidden Valley, an open-pit gold and silver mine and a 50% interest in the Morobe Mining Joint Venture, which includes the Wafi-Golpu project and extensive exploration tenements. Outside the joint venture, Harmony’s exploration portfolio focuses principally on highly prospective areas in Papua New Guinea.

In 2020 Harmony acquired AngloGold Ashanti’s last South African mining assets for about R4.4 billion.

What Does Harmony Gold Do?

Harmony Gold is primarily involved in exploration and acquisitions, mining and processing, sales and financial management, and stewardship and mine closure sectors. The firm is known for its exploration and evaluation of economically viable mineral ores and value-accretive acquiring.

In addition, Harmony Gold establishes, develops and operates the mines and associated processing infrastructure. Then, the mined ore is milled and processed by its gold mill to produce gold bars.

Plus, as a business entity, Harmony Gold generates a source of income through the sale of the gold produced and optimises efficiency to maximise financial returns.

Harmony Gold is also actively involved in stewardship and mine closure. The company restores mining-affected land for alternative post-mining economic uses, having in place approved mine closure commitments and empowering the community and all of its employees.

Automatically, this affects the types of career fields that Harmony Gold offers job seekers. All departments in it integrate to achieve efficient and safe gold production.

Why Should You Work for Harmony Gold?

Among the many benefits Harmony Gold presents its employees, here are a few that might interest you to be part of its achievement-oriented team:

  • Plenty of rewarding career options;
  • Great remunerations;
  • Extra rewards and bonuses;
  • Job security;
  • Fair employees treatment;
  • Lots of growth opportunities;
  • Skill development programmes;
  • Reasonable working hours; and
  • Constructive feedback.

Job Opportunities Commonly Available in Harmony Gold Vacancies

Below are the common types of departments that are integral components of Harmony Gold. Most of the Harmony Gold jobs you’ll find in its vacancies are part of the following areas of expertise:

  • Finance: As part of the finance department, you will be responsible for all financial transactions carried out on behalf of the company. Also, you must ensure proper allocation and classification of these transactions.
  • Geology: At Harmony Gold, the geologists are central members of the management team and are responsible for the optimal extraction of the ores. As a Harmony Gold geologist, you will apply your knowledge to practical solutions to problems in the underground environment, working closely with production teams.
  • Human Resources: Harmony Gold’s HR team is responsible for attracting, selecting, training, appraising and rewarding its employees. The department also works to ensure that the company operates under all necessary labour and employment laws.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: As a competent electrician or mechanic, you will be accountable for the safe installation and proper operation and maintenance of machines.
  • Metallurgy: As a Harmony Gold metallurgist, you will undergo training to study the chemical and physical behaviour of gold and its mixtures. In addition, you will apply your knowledge to the practical applications of gold.
  • Mining Engineering: Joining a mining engineering department means you will be involved in every important stage of the process. You will also learn firsthand how to use explosives.

The following is a list of jobs that Harmony Gold typically offers South African job seekers:

1. Engineering Training & Development Manager

Purpose of the Job

Lead and manage the Engineering Training & Development team to ensure the company continuously develops a pipeline of competent, confident and motivated employees.


  • Obtain a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Development Management or relevant qualifications;
  • Have at least five years of experience as Engineering T&D Coordinator;
  • Possess the ability to communicate equally well at executive or floor level;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Possess exceptional analytical, presentation and organising skills; and
  • Have previous experience in the mining industry.

2. Winding Engine Driver

Purpose of the Job

Safely and efficiently transport materials in a shaft using a motorised electrical winder.


  • Be a Grade 12 graduate;
  • Possess a DMR Winding Engine Driver Certificate;
  • Fluent in English; and
  • Have a minimum of two years of experience as a driver.

3. Strata Control Officer

Purpose of the Job

Organise and control assistant strata control audits.


  • Be a Grade 12 graduate;
  • Obtain a Chamber of Mines Strata Control Certificate;
  • Have five years of experience in the mining environment; and
  • Know how to use a computer and its software.

4. Risk Manager

Purpose of the Job

Support the implementation of leading safety and health strategies and practices across mining and process operations and projects.


  • Own a recognised mining qualification as mine manager;
  • Possess a rock engineering certificate;
  • Obtain a diploma in Risk Management;
  • Own a valid Code EB driver’s licence; and
  • Have ten years of relevant experience in the mining discipline.

5. Mining Manager

Purpose of the Job

Manage safe and cost-effective mining and development of ore reserves according to an agreed plan.


  • Be a Grade 12 graduate;
  • Have at least 5 years of management experience in gold mining production;
  • Obtain a diploma or bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Management;
  • Be computer literate;
  • Fluent in English; and
  • Own a Code B driver’s licence.

6. Health Care Educator

Purpose of the Job

Deliver and implement health education and promotion programmes for operations, e.g. training workshops, campaigns, induction training etc.


  • Have a certificate as an enrolled nurse;
  • Be a Grade 12 graduate or have an equivalent qualification;
  • Have HIV, TB or counselling certificates;
  • Possess strong knowledge of the mining industry;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Know how to operate a computer and its software; and
  • Own a valid Code B driver’s licence.

7. Instrumentation Mechanician

Purpose of the Job

Responsible for the execution of repairs, installation and maintenance of instruments and equipment based on standard procedures.


  • Have completed subjects related to N3 Trade or have ten years of experience as a qualified artisan;
  • Show a trade test certificate;
  • Have proof of formal training or learnership contract, valid first aid certificate and medical certificate; and
  • Own a private vehicle.

Note: This is a general guide, meaning that some posts may not be available at certain times. Generally, Harmony Gold vacancies are need-based. In other words, unavailable posts were roles that the entity momentarily didn’t need.

Scroll to the end of this post to visit the company’s official website, where you can find more information about the active Harmony Gold vacancies during your search period.

How to Apply to Harmony Gold Vacancies

You will need to create an account before applying to Harmony Gold vacancies. Create an account on the Harmony Gold careers webpage here. Similarly, you can also find its active job openings there.

Then, register your CV for your dream career. If you cannot find a job opportunity that you are interested in, by registering your CV, Harmony Gold will have access to reach you when the opportunity arises.

Contact Details

Got any questions regarding Harmony Gold vacancies? Or, do you require any assistance with your job application? Call the Harmony Gold service provider on 010 140 3099 or send your message to harmonygoldsupport@pnet.co.za. Alternatively, you can also reach out to us at any time for answers to your questions.

Harmony Gold’s Official Website

Visit Harmony Gold’s official website at www.harmony.co.za for more information about the company.

While it is true that we also provide information on Harmony Gold vacancies, please note that this is a general article, which means we may not include all the information candidates need. Existing information is subject to change. However, we will do our best to update our resources from time to time.

If you are looking for other references for jobs in the mining industry, check out these top South African mining companies.

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