57 Eskom Vacancies to Apply for through Eskom Careers Website

Due to Eskom’s expansion, this year, the company needs many talented individuals to be part of its ever-changing team. If you are up for challenge and change, apply to these Eskom vacancies today.

Eskom Vacancies
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As we know, as one of the most reputable companies in South Africa, Eskom is a source of endless job creations.

Eskom always employs people in its various branches across the country.

Those looking for jobs like the one offered by Eskom are encouraged to apply, especially if they are looking for the most important opportunities.

As the winner of the Sunday Times “Top Brands 2013” with the title Most Desirable Company to Work for, Eskom appears to be the ideal workplace for you, whether you are a fresh graduate or seasoned job seeker looking for new challenges.

At all times, Eskom is on a quest to recruit professionals with high-level skills who wish to make a direct impact on the well-being of people’s lives.

About Eskom

Eskom, a South African electric public utility, was founded in 1923 under the name Electricity Supply Commission (ESCOM). People also recognize it as Elektrisiteitsvoorsieningskommissie (EVKOM) in African.

The government of South Africa and the people of the Republic of South Africa established the public utility per the Electricity Act (1922).

Eskom is the continent’s largest electricity producer. In addition, Eskom has also been one of the world’s leading utilities in terms of production and sales capacity.

Not only that, but Eskom is also the largest state-owned company in South Africa.

Eskom operates many leading power stations such as Matimba Power Station and Medupi Power Station in Lephalale.

Also, Eskom manages the Koeberg nuclear power station, which is the only nuclear power plant on the entire continent.

Eskom oversees three divisions, including Generation, Transmission and Distribution.

All together, Eskom supplies about 95% of electricity needs across the country.

Why Work at Eskom

  • Dynamic workplace
  • Outstanding opportunities and career prospects
  • Competitive salary
  • Great employee benefits

List of Eskom Vacancies

The following is a list of Eskom vacancies that are valid at the time this article was published.

We will announce all updates regarding the positions covered in the following list from time to time.

Hence, feel free to bookmark this article and come back later to read the latest information from the following Eskom vacancies.

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Currently, Eskom has more than 50 vacancies available:

  • Manager Security
  • Senior Engineer Grid Code Management
  • Chief Engineer
  • Assistant Officer Human Resources
  • Principal Clerk Expediting
  • Senior Occupational Health Nurse
  • Senior Advisor Industrial Relations
  • Senior Advisor Talent and Skills
  • Middle Manager Outages
  • Officer People Relations
  • Officer Land and Rights Registrations
  • Manager Property Portfolio Management
  • Senior Engineer Asset Optimisation
  • Senior Engineer Spares Management
  • Engineer
  • Senior Technician Engineering
  • Assistant Officer Control Room
  • Manager Engineering Design and Specification
  • Manager Procurement
  • Manager Support Services
  • Senior Advisor Industrial Relations
  • Manager Management Accounting
  • Senior Supervisor Operating
  • Senior Supervisor Technician Maintenance
  • Technician Maintenance
  • Senior Technician Maintenance
  • Engineering Assistant Electrical
  • Middle Manager Bulk Material Handling
  • Middle Manager Power Line Construction
  • Middle Manager Sub Station Construction
  • Middle Manager Operations Group
  • Middle Manager Engineering Services
  • Middle Manager Cabling
  • Systems Analyst IT Support Services
  • Senior Advisor Programming
  • Clean Condition and Foreign Material Exclusion Champion
  • Officer Data
  • Assistant Officer Systems Support
  • Manager Materials Management
  • Officer Media Desk
  • Assistant Officer Occupational Hygienist and Safety
  • Senior Technician Mechanical
  • Senior Technician Electrical
  • Senior Supervisor Technical Maintenance
  • Senior Planner
  • Senior Advisor Forensic Investigations
  • Secretary
  • Manager Contracts
  • Senior Advisor Engineering
  • Senior Technician Mechanical
  • Technician Electrical Maintenance
  • Technician Mechanical Maintenance
  • Officer Asset Controller

Do you have the qualifications and experience working in mechanical engineering? Use the best of them to apply to mechanical engineering jobs in South Africa and be the best candidate you can be.

You can learn about the description, responsibilities, terms and closing date of each job mentioned on the Eskom recruitment website, which you can access by clicking on the link we include in the next session.

Although the closing date is generally in June, it’s safe to confirm it to avoid miscalculations.

However, make sure that you really have pocketed the requirements set before applying. This is because, as you may have read, many Eskom vacancies are aimed at professionals with solid experience.

Also, you may be required to have completed higher education such as postgraduate to qualify. Although these Eskom jobs may not be suitable for fresh graduates, it never hurts to try.

Or, if you’re still debating to make a decision, scroll through our list of recent vacancies for help.

For example, you can rediscover the career path that really suits you at the GPG Professional Job Centre.

How to Apply for Eskom Vacancies

To apply to any posted position, you must first register to open an account.

Alternatively, you can log in if you are already registered as a member.

First of all, click here to go to the Eskom recruitment website.

There, you can sort through the jobs by department, closing date, and province.

After opening and completing your account, you may apply to Eskom vacancies using the available Personal History Profile (PHP).

Once the PHP has been completed for a particular vacancy, it can be saved and used for future applications.

The PHP may be updated, when necessary, for future applications.

Ultimately, if you have not been contacted within 28 days after the closing date of this advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.

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