Ekurhuleni Public Employment Programme Calls for Applications

Every year, the government hires a large number of people. Many people feel that applying for a government job is a tough and time-consuming procedure, but it is not. It is this mission that City of Ekurhuleni wants to succeed by carrying out the Ekurhuleni Public Employment Programme.

The programme offers generous benefits, such as healthcare, vacations, insurance, training, and other benefits. These jobs are perfect for both fresh graduates and seasoned professionals. Apply to the programme today if you have what it takes to join the team.

Learn how to navigate your application process for the Ekurhuleni Public Employment Programme through this practical guide. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Ekurhuleni Public Employment Programme
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About Ekurhuleni Public Employment Programme

The Ekurhuleni Public Employment Programme refers to the Ekurhuleni Government’s direct job creation efforts. Basically, it is more like an employment programme than a civil service.

In situations where markets do not provide productive jobs, the City of Ekurhuleni employs the programme to enhance aggregate demand for labour. In addition, the Ekurhuleni Public Employment Programme attempts to eliminate youth unemployment in areas where formal sector jobs are scarce.

Fundamentally, the Ekurhuleni Public Employment Programme aims to supplement public sector job growth as part of a larger social protection and employment policy. Also, it provides a policy tool for addressing unemployment issues in the city’s developing economy.

Furthermore, the Ekurhuleni Public Employment Programme provides job prospects as well as financial security. In essence, it is the expansion of social protection in Ekurhuleni. Besides, it is an essential component of the social protection programme. It is aimed at people of working age who are unemployed or not entitled to social benefits.

The City of Ekurhuleni created the programme in the hopes of responding to a crisis and addressing future employment difficulties when there may not be enough jobs available.

On the other hand, work experience and skills gained via the programme can help you find work. Meanwhile, the cash earned can be used to promote consumer spending, which has a direct positive influence on your community.

In short, it truly is a win-win solution for everyone.

Ekurhuleni Public Employment Programme Available Positions

The City of Ekurhuleni advertises its vacancies in a variety of positions available in many departments. Eventually, there is something for everyone here. You may find a role that suits you best based on your qualifications and interests.

These jobs exist in HR, management, accounting, and many others. Keep your eyes open for upcoming opportunities and apply to your dream career while it’s up there in job openings.

Of the many positions commonly available in the programme, here are some of the most popular jobs among local job seekers:

1. Administrator

Administrators are those whose job entails assisting in the organisation and supervision of a department’s operations. They give administrative support to an individual or a group and are critical to the smooth operation of the office.

As an administrator, you may be responsible for answering phones, welcoming and guiding guests, generating spreadsheets and presentations, and so on. Also, you will be in charge of office projects and tasks.

2. Data Capturer

Someone who captures data is known as a data capturer. Your job is to acquire the skinny, whether you run a software programme to retrieve material from the internet or manually pore over documents to locate pertinent information for your department.

Overall, it is a clerical job that demands you to locate the data that you have been assigned. It is your responsibility to pay close attention to your daily instructions and study over the data to capture the facts and numbers that the department requires at the time.

3. Field Worker

A field worker works outside of the office and goes to different sites. Field workers are utilised by a variety of departments, including IT and HR. As a result, their job responsibilities vary greatly depending on the department.

4. Library Cadets

As a library cadet, you will provide professional services such as information access and, on occasion, social or technical programs. You will be in charge of overseeing the city’s archives and documents on a daily basis. Hence, your main responsibilities will be to issue resources, catalogue books, and conduct frequent audits.

5. Outbound Call Centre Agents

Outbound customer service representatives, also known as outbound call centre agents, speak with customers and assist them in finding answers to their queries and resolving problems. They play an important role in guaranteeing client happiness.

Basically, they deal with customers on a daily basis. They identify their requirements, clarify information, and conduct study on the subject. Oftentimes, they have to deal with and address client issues.

6. Supervisor

A supervisor monitors employee performance on a daily basis. As a supervisor, you may oversee a team, a shift, or a whole department. However, you will be primarily responsible for maintaining records and producing reports that will be used to evaluate team performance.

Supervisors oversee the work of other employees by delivering clear and timely directions to ensure that tasks are completed successfully. They usually do not have the authority to hire or fire people, unlike managers.

Ekurhuleni Public Employment Programme Application

Applications for vacancies in the Ekurhuleni Public Employment Programme are open at various times. To ensure that you don’t miss any job openings, regularly visit the city’s official website. Click on the “Vacancies” button, and you will be directed to a new window where you can see a list of available positions on that circular.

Next, select the position you are interested in. Vacancies for a role may come from a variety of departments and divisions. Therefore, you must be careful in checking the ads. When you find the right one, take note of the reference number and copy it into the subject of your email.

To apply, send your application via email to the specified address. Suppose they do not inform you of the outcome of your application within six weeks of the closing date. In that case, please consider your application unsuccessful. However, your journey does not end there.

To boost your skills and employability, you may want to apply for multiple government internships in the meantime.


Specific job-related work experience, education, medical or physical criteria, training, security, and/or licensure may all be part of the minimal requirements. They aren’t intended to rank candidates, identify the top candidates for a certain job, or serve as a replacement for a thorough examination of an applicant’s knowledge, skills, and abilities/competencies.

On the other hand, a broad range of experience can help you demonstrate your capacity to accomplish the duties of the position by providing you with knowledge, skills, and talents. Experience that has given you the specific knowledge, skills, abilities, and other traits necessary to successfully fulfill the tasks of the position is usually tied to the work of the position to be filled.

In some cases, you can qualify for a job entirely primarily on your education rather than your experience. Other positions demand both education and experience to qualify, while others allow you to qualify based on a combination of education and experience.


Please get these documents ready in advance prior to applying for the Ekurhuleni Public Employment Programme job of your choice:

  • Your latest CV
  • Qualifications
  • Relevant certificates
  • Medical proof
  • A Police Clearance Report (PCR)

Official Website

Finally, apply to or learn more about Ekurhuleni Public Employment Programme at www.ekurhuleni.gov.za.

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