DSV Vacancies Offer Tons of Rewarding Jobs in Transport and Logistics

The following DSV vacancies are available to job seekers looking for fantastic opportunities to enter the transport and logistics industry. As a global supplier of transport and logistics services, the renowned global company offers a variety of exciting career options, including jobs in sales, marketing, IT and many more. You will be able to make a difference in the lives of South Africans by applying to these rewarding DSV jobs.

Plus, there are a dozen other great reasons to work at DSV. First of all, you will be entitled to additional knowledge and training. These skill development programs will allow you to grow professionally. Also, you will have access to a vast network of unique possibilities. DSV will support you to build an inspiring career locally and internationally. Furthermore, DSV will empower you to make a difference. The company will provide you with the opportunities and support you need to succeed.

If these cool perks sound right up your street, then you shouldn’t think twice about applying to the following DSV vacancies. Learn more about the company and how you can become a part of its team in this comprehensive guide. Without further ado, let’s check it out.

DSV Vacancies
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About DSV

DSV is a global transport and logistics company that provides and manages supply chain solutions. In 1976, ten owner-operated hauliers joined forces and founded DSV in the small town of Skuldelev in Denmark. Initially, the company operated as a cartage department for the owners and only handled contracting haulage and deliveries.

Soon, the vision became to enter the international transport market. It was realised in 1989 with the acquisition of two competing export companies. These were essential acquisitions as they altered the services and product focus and made the company’s framework for an international future.

Since its establishment, DSV has been through a series of mergers to maintain a key position in the global transport industry. In 2019, DSV joined forces with Panalpina Welttransport, becoming the world’s fourth-largest transport and logistics company. The addition strengthened its position across the globe, mainly within air freight and sea freight.

Products and Services

DSV provides a wide range of solutions for different industries, from automotive, education, retail, and fashion. People can choose from one of the many transport options the company offers, including:

  • Airfreight
  • Sea freight
  • Road transport
  • Rail freight
  • Special project transport
  • Local courier
  • International courier

DSV Vacancies Available Positions

Interestingly, you can apply to a wide variety of roles on different DSV teams. The quick guide below will help you figure out which DSV jobs you might excel in:

Freight Forwarding and Supply Chains

You must be able to retain your cool, respond fast, and strategically operate when working with freight forwarding and supply chains. Remember: In this job, you are the mastermind behind the transportation system.

And if you join DSV, you’ll have access to the entire world as your workstation! A universe of options awaits you at this organisation, whether you help customers move their items from point A to point B or build complex supply chain solutions.

Finance and Administration

DSV’s continuing performance is dependent on back-office efficiency. You can offer value to the firm by developing a seamless operation with the knowledge and tools necessary to perform and respond to change. So, if you understand why the relevant strategy matters and enjoy solving issues, this is the job for you. As a result, you will be a part of a finely calibrated machine whether you work with people or organisations.

Warehousing & Distribution

The people who work in storage and distribution are critical to DSV’s success. As a result, the company would not be a global transportation and logistics corporation without them. Working here will put you in direct contact with clients, their products, and their logistic operations daily.

To put it another way, you’ll be the vital connection in the supply chain. Overall, thanks to your efforts, medicine, food, and clothing make their way to customers and those in need.


DSV’s drivers make sure that all of their customers’ freight arrives on schedule and in full. To improve their knowledge and skills, the company offers drivers the opportunity to join the DSV 5 Star Driver Academy. Join DSV and embark on an exciting journey that will impact the lives of thousands of South Africans.

Sales & Marketing

Working in marketing or sales for one of the world’s largest logistics firms will provide you with a unique opportunity to participate in their upward mobility. That is why DSV is constantly growing and looking for fresh minds who are well-versed in the industry’s market mechanics. After all, it’s all about the customers and how to succeed in a fast-paced, competitive market.


The transportation industry requires excellent IT. You design the systems that keep the wheels turning and feed the enormous machinery known as international logistics. The IT department at DSV is regarded very seriously. This is why the business keeps it in-house. Thus, you’ll have plenty of chances to collaborate directly with colleagues with a wide range of talents on business-critical projects.

DSV Vacancies Qualification

Obviously, each job advertised in DSV vacancies has different qualifications. So, for that reason, you should carefully analyse the job listing you are interested in. However, the DSV generally has a specific set of criteria that it looks for in its candidates.

The company is always looking for individuals who want to make a difference and add value to the corporation and its customers. In fact, DSV values the following qualities in its employees the most:

  • Involvement
  • Responsibility
  • Technical skills
  • The ability to share knowledge
  • Flexibility and readiness for a chance
  • Independence
  • The ability to create results

DSV Vacancies Requirements

You will need to prepare some documents before moving on to the next stage in the DSV application process. Of course, you will need Internet access and an email address to apply online to DSV jobs. Nevertheless, the DSV generally also requires you to submit other necessary documents, including:

  • Your latest CV
  • A cover letter
  • Employment references
  • Relevant qualifications and certificates

Timeline of Application

DSV has a separate website to advertise its vacancies. On this job portal, you can check DSV vacancies regularly and find opportunities that match your qualifications and interests best.

However, you will first need an account to apply to these DSV jobs. How do you create a candidate account and eventually land your dream job? Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. First, visit the DSV job portal here: Work for DSV and Forward Your Career | DSV.
  2. Next, click on the country in which you choose to work.
  3. Then, select a suitable position from the list.
  4. Click the “Apply Now” button at the end of the page.
  5. Follow the displayed assistance to create your account.
  6. Finally, complete and submit your application.

However, DSV will only contact shortlisted candidates due to the high volume of applications the company receives most of the time. So, if you don’t hear from DSV’s HR department within four weeks following your application, please consider your application unsuccessful.

Yet, don’t let this get into you. In fact, there are still plenty of exciting opportunities out there waiting for you. In that case, you should perhaps check out our recommendations for some of these well-paying jobs:

However, if you move on to the next round, you need to get yourself ready for an interview. In that case, rehearse answering interview questions that the company is likely to ask you. A helpful piece of advice is to perform the practice interview in the same manner as the real one. Because you won’t be fumbling for an answer when in the interview hot seat, this method will also help you relax.

Contact Details

Do you have any questions regarding DSV vacancies, the application process, or the company as a whole? Luckily, DSV’s experts are always ready to show you the way out. Get in touch with the DSV Support Team, and it will find the solution you need. Call the team on 0861 462 884. On the flip side, you can also contact the team online by visiting this web page: Help and Contact | DSV.

DSV Vacancies Official Website

Apply to or find more information about exciting DSV vacancies at www.dsv.com.

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