Code 10 and Code 14 Driver Vacancies in South Africa

There are plenty of jobs for South Africans out there for those trying to get back to work or simply fancy a career change, but none quite like driving jobs. Besides offering many benefits, driver vacancies are also easy to spot every day, making this niche constantly marketable.

Driver Vacancies
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If you have a good sense of direction, you enjoy interacting with new people, and you simply love driving, then we think these driving jobs will be awesome for you! Working for jobs you love will make your life more meaningful, absolutely.

That’s because the outline of benefits that you will be presented with is limitless. For driving jobs, for example, the biggest benefit you can get is career security.

If you are successful in applying for one of the many driving jobs available in South Africa, you will be on your way to having stable employment for the rest of your life. Finally, drivers who stay safe, execute their jobs correctly, and reach their employer’s targets will always find work.

However, you can be clueless about the various driver vacancies that generally exist in the industry. The guide below will help you to gain more knowledge about the niche.

Types of Drivers in South Africa

Driving licences in South Africa are assigned codes that identify the types of vehicles that can be driven with that licence. The following groups of licences make up the uniform categorisation used throughout southern Africa:

  • A = motor cycles
  • B = light motor vehicles (up to 3 500 kg GVM)
  • C = heavy motor vehicles
  • D = combinations, including articulated vehicles

Individuals with a Code A, A1 or Code 1 licence are solely permitted to operate motorbikes. The second level, which comprises Code B, EB, Code 8, and Code 2, however, allows people to operate light motor vehicles. Individuals with certain codes are also permitted to operate a minibus, bus, or freight truck.

Finally, a driver with a Code C, C1, EC1, EC, Code 10, Code 14, or Code 3 licence can operate a large truck. Depending on the code, there may be a difference in vehicle mass.

If you wish to work as a driver, you’ll need to earn one of the second or third category licence codes, depending on the employment. You will be more qualified to drive a variety of automobiles if your code is higher.

Before taking the road test, potential drivers must apply for and pass a learner’s permit, as with any licensing process. Keep in mind that to apply for a licence in the final two categories, you must be 18 years old or older.

Apply for Code 10 Driver Jobs at These Notable Companies

With a Code 10 licence, you can drive any vehicle weighing up to 16,000 kg and towing a trailer weighing up to 750 kg. A permit to operate Code 8 automobiles is also included with the licence. To obtain it, you must first take a driving test.

Where can you find vacancies with jobs for Code 10 drivers in South Africa? Start your quest by keeping an eye on the following companies.

1. Ampath

Ampath is one of South Africa’s foremost pathology laboratories. The company offers exceptional service from over 140 registered pathologists.

Ampath has served approximately 40% of the private healthcare market in South Africa, resulting in a nationwide analytical and consultative operation performing over 75,000 clinical analyses daily.

It may be a laboratory, but it is eccentric in having important positions related to logistics, such as driving. Your Code 10 driving licence will be of good use here.

A career with Ampath would be a fulfilling one.

In fact, the company prides itself in showing appreciation by recognising outstanding achievements, performance, excellence, commitment, and loyalty. Ampath’s competitive salaries, unique benefits, healthy work-life balance, and much more, will allow you to focus on your job at hand and keep you smiling every day.

2. Essential Health

Essential Health Pharmacy Group is an online-based pharmacy that offers a wide range of health services, such as medical checks, CRM, medication delivery, and many others.

One of your responsibilities as a Code 10 driver at Essential Health will include shipping medicines to all parts of the country. This will be a great opportunity for you if you have always been looking for ways to give back to the community.

As a company, Essential Health really cares about the good of all its employees. This is evident from the provision of health insurance, pension insurance, and facilities that support their well-being.

It will ensure to keep their motivation and job satisfaction high at all times, contributing the best to Essential Health and all those who trust its services.

3. San Michell Farms

San Michell Farms is a pioneer and leader in the field of ornamental horticulture in South Africa. The company has 35 years of experience in the production of ornamental pot plants for the garden, balcony, patio and home.

Offering driver vacancies with a Code 10 license, Michells wants you to be part of its dynamic team right away.

To be a shortlisted candidate, you must have previous experience driving an 8-tonne truck, have good communication skills, and be willing to work overtime if needed.

It may be a tough hustle, but the benefits you will get later are worth the hard work you put in. Michells appreciates the dedication of each employee with advantageous benefits such as flexible working hours, work-life balance, and other cool perks.

4. HG Travel

Established in 2002, HG Travelling Services’ humble beginnings as a transport services provider to the Cape Peninsula University of Technology sports teams have come a long way since. The fleet has grown from a mere two microbuses to a fleet of vehicles ranging from.

Working for HG Travel means that you must be prepared to carry the following responsibilities:

  • Transports passengers to and from various designated points and following a pre-planned route according to a definite time schedule in accordance with the Operational Managers specifications;
  • Regulates heating equipment and ventilation of bus for the comfort of passengers;
  • Drives bus carefully and in compliance with traffic regulations;
  • Assumes responsibility for the safety of passengers in loading, unloading and transporting them to and from their destinations; and
  • Instructs passengers of safety precautions and practices.

If you have what it takes to fill this position, the company encourages you to send your application to its head office located in Parow Industrial, Cape Town.

5. Royale Africa

As part of the Royale International Group, the company provides a range of domestic and international courier services in South Africa. The company was registered in November 1995.

Royale Africa is always on the lookout for experienced drivers especially those with a Code 10 licence. Additionally, the company is also looking for individuals with good communication and customer service skills.

This is in line with Royale Africa’s philosophy of prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. If you possess those desirable qualities, it will set you aside from the other candidates.

List of South African Companies Offering Code 14 Driver Jobs

Code 14 permits you to tow a trailer weighing more than 750 kg with a vehicle weighing more than 16,000 kg. A permit to operate Code 8, 10, and EB cars is also included with the licence. Just like the Code 10 licence, you also have to take a test first in order to obtain this licence.

If you have a Code 14 licence, it might be helpful to take a look at the driver vacancies from the following leading companies in South Africa.

1. Clinix Health Group

With over 20 years of providing quality healthcare in the communities it operates in, Clinix Health Group owns and manages seven hospitals and has approximately 2,600 individuals that are working in its hospitals on a daily basis.

And, to deliver the best service, Clinix Health Group needs the best personnel on its team, from doctors and nurses to the best drivers. Hence, driver vacancies are published frequently from time to time.

Seize the opportunity and show what you are capable of. If you have a minimum of 2 years of experience as a driver and a Matric qualification, you are the right person Clinix Health Group is looking for.

2. SA Metal Group

SA Metal Group is South Africa’s oldest and largest metal recycling company. For the last century, the group has purchased, collected, processed and recycled all forms of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.

Working for SA Metal Group is more than a job. Becoming a driver at SA Metal Group means you have signed up to be a change agent who always ensures the safety of other road users. Moreover, it is also your responsibility to inspect your vehicle and report any faults.

If you desire opportunities to realize your full potential within optimum working conditions, join the thousands of other satisfied workers of SA Metal Group.

3. McDonald’s

If you’re looking for a job that could turn into a satisfying career, McDonald’s would be the right place for you. As the world’s largest food outlet, McDonald’s has many job opportunities for you.

Its driver vacancies are some of its many job openings you can try. Your qualified driving experience will be in your favour if you try to apply to this company.

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