All Province Job: A Comprehensive Review of DPSA Circular 20 of 2023

The Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) is estimated to release a highly anticipated document, DPSA Circular 20 of 2023 on June 9, 2023. This circular serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking employment within the Public Service departments. Published on a weekly basis, it showcases advertisements for vacant posts and job opportunities across various government departments. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the key highlights of DPSA Circular 20 of 2023, providing essential information on application guidelines, available vacancies, and unique prospects even for those without prior experience.

dpsa circular 20 of 2023

Application Guidelines

To pursue the vacancies listed in DPSA Circular 20 of 2023, candidates are required to complete Form Z83, providing detailed information about their training, qualifications, competencies, knowledge, and experience. It is crucial to utilize the updated Z83 form, which has been in effect since January 2021, and include the specific reference number of the desired vacancy in the application. To ensure consideration, applicants must submit their applications to the relevant advertising department before the specified closing date.

Vacancies in National Departments

DPSA Circular 20 of 2023 showcases a wide range of vacancies within various national departments. From the Employment and Labour Department to Water and Sanitation Department, this circular presents diverse opportunities spanning different sectors. Each department is allocated an annexure page, clearly indicating where the corresponding advertisements can be found. Aspiring applicants can refer to the circular to obtain a comprehensive list of departments and their respective vacancies.

Vacancies in Provincial Administrations

In addition to the national departments, DPSA Circular 20 of 2023 also highlights vacancies offered by provincial administrations. Whether one resides in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga, North West, or Western Cape, this circular provides valuable insights into regional opportunities. The annexure pages specify the range of pages where advertisements for each provincial administration can be found, ensuring easy access to relevant vacancies.

No Experience Vacancies

An exceptional aspect of DPSA Circular 20 of 2023 is the inclusion of vacancies that do not require prior experience. This presents an excellent opportunity for individuals who are starting their careers or looking for a fresh start in a new field. Among the no-experience vacancies, one can find positions such as Receptionist/Telecom Operator, Laboratory Assistant, Tradesman, Medical Specialist, and more. These positions serve as entry points into public service, enabling individuals to acquire valuable skills and experience while making a meaningful contribution.

Accessing DPSA Circular 20 of 2023

To download the complete DPSA Circular 20 of 2023 in PDF format, individuals can visit the official DPSA website or follow the provided link (which will become active upon the document’s official release). It is important to note that access to the document may be subject to the website’s terms and conditions, as well as document permissions.


DPSA Circular 20 of 2023 plays a vital role as a resource for individuals seeking employment opportunities within the Public Service. By adhering to the application guidelines, exploring the vacancies in national departments and provincial administrations, and considering the no-experience vacancies, aspiring candidates can discover suitable positions to initiate their careers or embark on a new professional path. We strongly encourage all interested individuals to refer to the circular, carefully review the vacancies, and submit their applications before the specified closing dates. The Public Service holds promising opportunities for those who are ready to make a positive impact.

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