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Department of Cooperative Governance of South Africa

Department of Cooperative Governance of South Africa is one of the ministries lining in South African Goverment. It is a place to develop multiple talents which who willing to learn about governance system. The department of governance have a great responsibilities in facilitating and maintaining relationship between national government and provincial governments and municipalities. It also have a role to overseeing the traditional leadership of South Africa’s indigenous communities.

The department vision is, a functional and developmental local goverment system that delivers on its Constitutional and legislative mandates within a system of cooperative governance.

The department’s mission is to ensure that all municipalities are pperforming their basic responsibilites and functions consistently by :

  • Putting people and their concern first.
  • Supporting the delivery of municipal services to the right quality and standard.
  • Promoting good gonvernance, transparency and accountability.
  • Ensuring sound financial management and accounting, and
  • Building institutional resilience and administrative capability

Overall the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs have severa branches as follows:

  • Corporate services
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Governance, policy and research
  • Urban and rural development
  • Systems and capacity building
  • Free basic services and infrastructure

The department of cooperative governance have a very strong values which are :

  • Commitment to public service
  • Intergrity and dedication to fighting corruption
  • A hands-on approach to dealing with local challenges
  • Public participation and people centered approach
  • Professionalism and goal orientation
  • Passion to serve
  • Excellence and accountability.

With those core values hopefully and that the department will be able to contribute towards the required state of Local Government. Aside from that the department have various programme to support and realized their goals and core values. Those programme are community work programme (CWP), integrated urban development framework (IUDF), back to basics, municipal infrastructure grant (MIG), and local economic development (LED).

Internship at Department of Cooperative Governance of South Africa

Now there is an opportunity opened by the department of governance for unemployed and young generations to join the family. The opportunity is open for South African fresh graduates also.

It is an internship programme took time for 24 months (2 years), and it’s available for several positions including :

  • Public Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Registry or Archival
  • Law
  • Communicationsx
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Financial/Management Accounting
  • Local Government Management
  • Internal Audit/Risk Management
  • Disaster Management/Fire Technology
  • Office Administration


It is a great chance for applicants to involved directly in one of the government department system. There also many opportunities from different position that can be applied by unemployed. It is a great chance to get an experiment from the government affairs.

Aside from that all applicants who accepted in the Department of Cooperative Governance internship programme will receive stipend during their internship with an amount of R 6,083.75 per month.

Eligibility and Requirements Needed

The eligibility and requirements needed for the department of cooperative governance internship programme are as follows :

  • Applicants should not have previously served as a contract work.
  • Graduates from a reputable university. The education background (or majority of the study) must related to the position (explained below).
  • Applicants must have satisfied the academic requirements for the advertised field of study/discipline as detailed.
  • Copy of Identification Card (ID) which correspond to the personal information details
  • Applicants should not have previously served as an intern.
  • Passport number in the case of non-South African
  • Applicants with substantial qualifications or work experience must attached a Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Copy of other qualifications or certificates(language, school, tertiary college, work experience, reference). If applicants have attached CV with all the details, it can be ignored.
  • Copy of academic transcrip/record
  • Graduates with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Education background for each position :

  • Public Administration – National diploma/degree : public administration management (Reff No : HRD/2020/1)
    Email :
  • Human Resource Management – National diploma/degree : human resource management (Reff No : HRD/2020/2)
    Email :
  • Information Technology (IT) – National diploma/degree : information technology (Reff No : HRD/2020/3)
    Email :
  • Registry or Archival – National diploma/degree : records management or archival studies (Reff No : HRD/2020/4)
    Email :
  • Law – LLB or BCom : Law or BA : Law (Reff No : HRD/2020/4)
    Email :
  • Communications – National diploma/degree : journalism (Reff No : HRD/2020/4)
    Email :
  • Supply Chain Management – National diploma/degree : supply chain management or logistics (Reff No : HRD/2020/7)
    Email :
  • Financial/Management/Accounting – National diploma/degree : finance/managgement/accounting (Reff No : HRD/2020/8)
    Email :
  • Local Government Management – Degree/postgrad : urban planning/built environment (Reff No : HRD/2020/9)
    Email :
  • Local Government Management – Hons : political studies/municipal administration (Reff No : HRD/2020/10)
    Email :
  • Internal Audit/Risk Management – National diploma/degree : internal auditing/risk management (Reff No : HRD/2020/11)
    Email :
  • Disaster Management/Fire Technology – National diploma/degree : disaster management (Reff No : HRD/2020/12)
    Email :
  • Office Management – National diploma/degree : office administration (Reff No : HRD/2020/13)
    Email :

Download the Z83 form for further details and information since it is the main requirement for the application. The form can be obtained from any Public Service Department website since it is quite an important requirement for this position.

How to Apply

Here are how to apply for the internship programme :

  • You have to filled the Z83 form first along with other requirements documents needed.
  • Applicants applying with more than one field of study must submit a separate Z83 form as well as the requirements documentation to the relevant application email address provided.
  • Please do write the refference number of the position you’d like to applied.
  • Include certified copies of all certificates and identity document copy and academic transcrip as required.
  • All documents may be posted to URS Response Handling, PO Box 11506, Tiegerport, 0056 or submited via email as the addreses attached above.
  • All documents could also hand delivered to the office of C1, Ground Floor, Block C, Phase 5, Boardwalk Office Park, Boardwalk Boulevard, Faerie, Glen, Pretoria.

Closing Date

The internship closing date will be : 13 September 2019

It is a great opportunity, there still many time left to prepare yourself. Joining the government career will give a great advantage for us. Do not hesitate to apply and try your best!

Noted : Due to the large number of responses anticipated the correspondence will be limited to shor-listed candidates only. And if by 6 months after the closing date you did not contacted by official please accept that your application has been unsuccesful

Official Contact

Enquiries :

  • Mr. M. Buthane, Telephone No. (012) 334 0629
  • Mr. S. Mwelli, Telephone No. (012) 336 5714

Application Enquiry :

Telephone No. (012) 811 1900

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