8 Leading Companies that Offer Blockman Jobs in South Africa

So you want to be a blockman. That’s awesome! In fact, being a blockman is harder than it seems. As a blockman, you are required to have good knowledge and skills. Besides, precision and accuracy are some other things that you have better than others. And, contrary to many people’s beliefs, this is one of the hottest career choices right now. In fact, many companies offer blockman jobs in South Africa to make up for their shortage of skilled workers.

Blockman Jobs in South Africa
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But, what do blockmen do? In particular, blockman jobs in South Africa include cutting and preparing meat for sale. Additionally, they may sell to customers from a shopfront. Or, they can be employed by a wholesale company or small-goods manufacturer. As mentioned earlier, blockmen need a solid understanding of animal anatomy to understand how to get the most meat from each cut, reducing waste and costs.

In fact, blockman jobs in South Africa are not as boring work as most people imagine! As a blockman, you will perform the following series of tasks:

  • Budgeting, stock control, and taking orders
  • Crumbing, seasoning, marinating, smoking, and curing meat
  • Cutting meat from bones, trimming the fat from meat
  • Giving advice on preparation and cooking to customers
  • Mincing meat and shaping it into different products
  • Operating a sausage machine
  • Preparing cuts of meat, either for display or on request
  • Producing chutneys, pickles, and seasonings from spices, herbs, and sauces
  • Producing small-goods from specially prepared and selected cuts of meat

And, if you already have the skills needed to take on that responsibility, great! Now, let’s take a look at which companies provide blockman jobs in South Africa to which you can actively contribute.

1. Theron’s Meat

Theron’s Meat is a well-established, family-run business specializing in manufacturing value-added meat products for wholesale and retail businesses since 1983. Also, Theron’s Meat manufactures a wide variety of quality processed meats at wholesale prices direct to the public.

In fact, the key to success for this factory situated near the Pretoria show grounds in Pretoria West has many facets. Apart from the firm’s belief to stick to manufacturing quality products at affordable prices, Theron’s meat extended wholesale prices to the public in 1995.

2. Brito’s Group

Founded in 1989 by John de Brito da Silva, the Brito’s Group of Companies has since evolved from a modest manufacturing operation to a leader in the South African food distribution, manufacturing, and retail industry. In fact, Brito’s Group’s headquarters are located in Cape Town, in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. Moreover, it operates from two manufacturing facilities.

Furthermore, the Brito’s Group provides employment to over 900 staff, ranging from production to logistics. Besides, Brito’s is always on the lookout for excellent individuals who would like to pursue a career in the food and meat industry. So, if you have a commitment, vision, and proven experience, Brito’s may have an opportunity for you.

3. Frey’s Food Brands

With the strong roots of four generations of meat manufacture in the German tradition, Frey’s Food Brands specialise in supplying premium quality meat products. In particular, it offers a wide range of processed meats from sausages to bacon, gammon, cold meats, and more. Also, it leverages technology and the natural taste of meat to produce the best recipes.

Fascinatingly, if you are passionate about food and family, you could be someone Frey’s looking for. In fact, Frey’s is a dynamic business of lateral thinkers where problem-solving and a commitment to excellence is a daily routine. And, with its roots as a family business, Frey’s has retained a small business warmth and unconventional flair.

4. Sparta Beef

Dirk van Reenen established Sparta Beef in 1966 on the farm Sparta in the Marquard district, in South Africa’s Free State province. In fact, the company is family-owned and comprises a cattle feeding operation and a beef processing facility. Particularly, it strives to become a household brand, known for great-tasting, quality meat.

And, as a family-owned and operated organisation, Sparta Beef believes that its people are pivotal to the success. Hence, it spends time and resources to recruit the right individuals. Besides, the company empowers the workers continuously through various training programmes. With some 1,200 people, Sparta is one of the largest employers in the Free State.

5. Lynca Meats

From its humble beginnings in 1988, Lynca Meats has grown to become one of the major contributors to the pork landscape in South Africa. In fact, the company processes over 360,000 pigs annually.

In fact, Lynca Meats employs over 550 employees at every level. Also, together the company works hard to achieve its successes in a challenging environment. Furthermore, Lynca Meats is always on the lookout for bright individuals. Should they have what it takes and have industry-relevant experience, they can send their CV to get noticed.

6. Freddy Hirsch

Founded in 1956 by Freddy Hirsch, the company has grown into Southern Africa’s largest supplier of industrial spices, casings, and meat processing equipment. In particular, Freddy Hirsch services thousands of customers, ranging from major retail chain stores to poultry factories. Moreover, the company operates a world-class ingredients milling and blending service in Cape Town.

At Freddy Hirsch, the team cultivates success by recruiting individuals who are aligned with the company’s culture. Also, it is seeking people who will directly contribute to the company’s prosperity as a business. As a result, Freddy Hirsch dreams of team players who combine integrity and resilience with creativity and imagination.

7. PCK

PCK Distributors has been servicing the restaurant, catering, and hospitality industry since 2005. Particularly, PCK Distributors is a one-stop-shop for everything food-related in the restaurant and hospitality industry. From essential dry goods to food packaging, the company has it all under one roof.

Also, it sources and prepares ready-made meals with the dedication to the consistent quality of ingredients and final product. Whether you’re plating up thousands of meals a day or just opening up shop, PCK Distributors has a range of quality products and experience to cater to every taste and every need.

8. Karan Beef

When Karan Beef initially began feed lotting on the Karan family farm in 1974, its herd comprised of less than 100 cattle. Today, the company accommodates up to 180,000 head of cattle, officially making Karan Beef the largest feedlot in Africa. Situated just south of Johannesburg, the farm has had to adapt to the changing needs of its thriving business over the last 46 years.

In fact, the dedication of its people is what makes Karan Beef able to maintain consistent standards. Thus, from its dedicated team of research and development scientists to the teams of drivers who keep the organisation moving, the Karan Beef family stays dedicated to its belief in “consistency through control” and a constant drive for excellence.

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