33 Best Paying Jobs in Dubai

With a population of about 2.5 million, Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the UAE. As the staging area of global industry, Dubai’s status makes it a special place to live and work. The fusion of east and west offers residents the chance to meet people across the world, enjoy a wide range of restaurants and shops, and work for some of the best paying jobs in Dubai, while also uncovering a rich cultural heritage.

Best Paying Jobs in Dubai
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With a total population of approximately 200 nationalities, Dubai is an exceptionally big city. In fact, about 80% of its populations are made up of expatriates, and the most commonly spoken language is English. Dubai provides a compelling and luxurious lifestyle with its countless luxury high-rises, man-made islands, lavish hotels, and a whole host of malls, stores, restaurants, and bars. But although it accepts modernism, its Islamic culture and tradition still have close connections.

For that reason, if you are very interested in working in Dubai, then you better not miss this list of highest-paying jobs in the world. These are some of the best paying jobs in Dubai that you should consider and how you can apply for them.

Why work in Dubai

Dubai has been a major spot for professionals seeking career advancement, and in Dubai, varied employment improve work opportunities for all. Professionals from all over the world have been drawn to seek employment in Dubai and this influx has enabled the city to become a culturally unique society to work and live in. Leisure, religion, culture, tradition, sports, city-sized malls and skyscrapers can describe Dubai and it is proud to offer the most pleasant working environments.

Nevertheless, the economy of the UAE is highly mature and yet a comparatively younger economy is considered. Dubai has an existing employment sector and is dependent primarily on expats. Besides, the town also offers entrepreneurs a great opportunity by providing them with tremendous chance to grow their businesses. Jobs requirements are going up at a phenomenal pace and there is a strong demand for specialists with specific skill sets and qualifications.

Also, the government is working towards attracting foreign investors and is developing a number of free zones for market sectors to accomplish this mission. Some of the key reasons why you should work in Dubai are its entrepreneurial climate, extensive job opportunities, and better salaries.

Best Paying Jobs in Dubai

Healthcare Sector

The UAE has a healthcare system that is highly developed. There are new and affordable medical services. Public hospitals provide a high quality of care in Dubai, but there is an increasingly increasing private sector as well. In addition, Dubai has Dubai Healthcare City, an incredibly large medical center with more than 90 medical facilities, including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, research facilities, and so on. In both the public and private healthcare sectors, many foreign-trained expats are working, and English is widely spoken in hospitals and medical centers.

You are required by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to have the appropriate qualifications and licenses from your home country in order to be qualified to work in a medical role in Dubai. Medical professionals are subject to an assessment by the DHA after providing this information. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • General Practitioner: 20,300 AED / month
  • Staff Nurse: 7,300 AED / month
  • Medical Technologist: 9,300 AED / month

Information and Technology Sector

There are a number of IT jobs in Dubai and it is no wonder that the city attracts thousands of IT professionals from around the world with a fast-growing economy, excellent employment opportunities, and an unrivaled quality of life. In the IT sector in Dubai, there are all sorts of best paying jobs in Dubai requiring technical skills. The jobs include the expected developer and programmer roles including SAP, Oracle, Java, C++ etc. Some of the IT companies that have offices in Dubai include Logica CMG, KPMG, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and Intel Corporation. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • IT Consultant: 11,300 AED / month
  • IT Manager: 17,900 AED / month
  • Software Developer: 8,700 AED / month
  • Software Engineer: 10,300 AED / month
  • Network Engineer: 6,500 AED / month
  • Network Administrator: 7,400 AED / month
  • Web Developer: 5,100 AED / month
  • Web Designer: 3,900 AED / month
  • Database Administrator: 14,600 AED / month
  • Senior Database Administrator: 16,200 AED / month
  • Programmer Analyst: 10,400 AED / month

Engineering Sector

It is certainly one of the top jobs in demand in Dubai because of the variations in this profession. In various specializations, there are a large number of engineering specialties. In addition, engineers are often granted the luxury of having high salaries. For starters, if you choose chemical or petroleum engineering as your occupation, you will undoubtedly find amazing top paying jobs in Dubai. In the Gulf countries, in particular Dubai, petroleum and chemical process engineers are very common. In short, this is because Dubai has found vast quantities of oil. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • Civil Engineer: 5,900 AED / month
  • Mechanical Engineer: 5,200 AED / month
  • Aerospace Engineer: 16,700 AED / month
  • Petroleum Engineer: 23,200 AED / month

Marketing Sector

If you work as an SEO specialist or in any marketing and social media sector, this is your opportunity. In Dubai, new businesses and markets are launching, and they necessarily need to promote their brand using marketing and social media techniques. The following are some of the best jobs in demand in the UAE, and specifically one of the best paying jobs in Dubai. For any company, marketing will still remain the key to success, and social media is considered a means to assist in this achievement. Therefore, these professions are rising and are in great demand. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • Marketing Manager: 14,800 AED / month
  • Marketing Coordinator: 6,200 AED / month
  • SEO Specialist: 4,500 AED / month
  • SEO Analyst: 4,000 AED / month
  • Content Manager: 11,000 AED / month
  • Social Media Specialist: 5,900 AED / month
  • SEO Manager: 7,300 AED / month
  • Social Media Manager: 7,000 AED / month

Recruitment Specialist

If your work is a recruiter, an HR employee, or even an HR boss, this would be very helpful for you. Employees not only have a great understanding of the goals of their business in this profession, but they can also impact the future based on the choices they make. In almost every business, it needs these best paying jobs in Dubai , so it will retain its significance and growing opportunities. For the considerable number of businesses, whether start-ups or long-standing companies in Dubai, this need will continue to increase. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • HR Assistant: 3,500 AED / month
  • Human Resources (HR) Generalist: 6,900 AED / month
  • HR Manager: 13,600 AED / month

Hospitality Sector

If you’re a tour guide, a chef or a restaurant manager, Dubai’s best paying jobs are for you. They invest in tourism and hospitality because Dubai is one of the preferred destinations for a large number of nationalities. In order to show the country in the best way possible, they need several employees to serve as tour guides, cooks, host or hostess, and cleaning personnel. At present, Dubai welcomes many visitors back and things are going towards normal, which means more chances to serve them at work. Hence, these sectors are among the industries in demand and are major contributors to Dubai’s growth. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • Cook: 2,900 AED / month
  • Restaurant Manager: 7,200 AED / month
  • Hotel General Manager: 28,800 AED / month
  • Tour Guide: 5,100 AED / month

Applying for Work in Dubai

You’ll need a work visa if you’re planning to work for one of the high paying jobs in Dubai. The good news is, they’re pretty easy to get if you work in a Dubai corporation. Since you will require a work visa, after the company offers you a position, it is easiest to head to Dubai. That being said, for your work quest, it is possible to enter the emirate on a visitor or tourist visa and then switch your visa status once you have found jobs. The Dubai government expects most Dubai visitors to obtain a visa in advance; on arrival, it will provide one for you.

Besides, many job seekers know Dubai for recruiting internally and among applicants cited by employees. You’re up to 6.6 percent more likely to secure a job if you know anyone inside the corporation. Nevertheless, you can still network if you’re unable to get to Dubai for networking activities. Not only are there many online communities and social media networks, but you can also find specific “online job fairs” to assist with the “who-you-know.”

Working in Dubai will probably be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. With many of the highest paying jobs in Dubai, your chance to make this dream come true is no more a mere wishful thinking. Therefore, prepare all your needs carefully beforehand and achieve your goals soon.

Good luck!

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