Best Paying Jobs in Abu Dhabi: 48 Career Options for Foreign Workers

Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE, the largest emirate in terms of land area. Besides, Abu Dhabi is the second-most populous city after Dubai. With its thriving economy and job opportunities, it is not surprising that many people choose to live and work here. Consequently, the economic growth of UAE has flourished the opening of the best paying jobs in Abu Dhabi.

Best Paying Jobs in Abu Dhabi
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Without a doubt, Abu Dhabi is among the top destinations for countless foreign workers in the world. And, the occurring of this global phenomenon is mainly due to a variety of reasons. Yet, however appealing these reasons may be, note that if you’re thinking to move out forthright, there are several things you need to know about the best paying jobs in Abu Dhabi prior to moving.

And, once you have gathered all the necessary information related to your career path in the new city, you’ll be able to secure a decent job. Thus, let us help you get the most out of your move with some of the most important things to know about best paying jobs in Abu Dhabi.

Why work in Abu Dhabi

In fact, Abu Dhabi is the seat of government activities and industrial development in the UAE. Because of its major role in the country’s economic growth, many companies choose to establish their offices and headquarters here. Thus, it leads to the sprouting of numerous best paying jobs in Abu Dhabi for both locals and foreign workers.

Hence, the chance to earn a higher salary through these best paying jobs in Abu Dhabi is palpable. Plus, as an employee in the UAE, the government doesn’t expect you to pay any income tax. Hence, it means that you will receive your salary in full. Also, the companies usually provide additional benefits such as health insurance and accommodation as well.

Moreover, the country’s overall safety and security are dependable. Indeed, law enforcement in the country is among the best in the world. In particular, it gives clear-cut penalties for all sorts of crimes and violations. Besides, the authorities are quick to respond to accidents and emergencies. Therefore, citizens, residents, and tourists feel safe and secure.

From higher salary to assured safety and security, these are just some of the great reasons why many people live and work in Abu Dhabi. If you are thinking about moving here, then you are definitely up for an amazing experience. On the other hand, if you are concerned about the budget, you probably have to seriously look for some of the best paying jobs in Abu Dhabi.

You can start by observing this list, for starters, to get some ideas about the city’s thriving career options.

Best paying jobs in Abu Dhabi

1. IT sector

Working in IT does not necessarily work for a startup or a technology solutions provider. In Abu Dhabi, the IT sector spans industries, and jobs abound in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Furthermore, nonprofits, healthcare organizations, and universities in Abu Dhabi, all need smart people to join their IT teams.

For example, below are some of the jobs available within this industry.

  • Network engineer (AED 69,110 per year)
  • Systems analyst (AED 96,230 per year)
  • Computer programmer (AED 83,117 per year)
  • Web developer (AED 117,000 per year)
  • Software engineer (AED 120,000 per year)
  • Data scientist (AED 255,750 per year)
  • Computer engineer (AED 73,478 per year)
  • User experience designer (AED 140,789 per year)

2. Banking and finance sector

In truth, the banking and finance sector is one of the most thriving industries in the UAE. As the country’s finance industry continues to grow, so do the number and type of jobs that are on offer. Nowadays, it’s a lot more than common for companies in Abu Dhabi to hire new recruits in large volumes. Furthermore, it is an industry that can offer a sense of great stability to the candidates.

Additionally, below are some of the jobs available within this industry.

  • Loan officer (AED 82,541 per year)
  • Actuary (AED 210,000 per year)
  • Financial advisor (AED 77,302 per year)
  • Accountant (AED 113,934 per year)
  • Financial analyst (AED 102,869 per year)
  • Cost estimator (AED 91,826 per year)
  • Financial manager (AED 138,659 per year)
  • Internal auditor (AED 63,171 per year)
  • Bank teller (AED 85,459 per year)

3. Healthcare sector

If you’re passionate about helping people, working in healthcare can be one of the most rewarding career choices there is. Over the years, healthcare has become the largest source of jobs in the UAE. Furthermore, its growth is going to continue. In fact, your chances of finding employment and staying employed are also much greater than in other fields.

Below are some of the jobs available within this industry.

  • Physician (AED 397,223 per year)
  • Registered nurse (AED 74,151 per year)
  • Pharmacist (AED 78,000 per year)
  • General practitioner (AED 199,358 per year)
  • Dentist (AED 170,000 per year)
  • Medical transcriptionist (AED 105,140 per year)
  • Dietitian (AED 82,500 per year)
  • Veterinarian (AED 137,835 per year)
  • Surgeon (AED 546,104 per year)
  • Pediatrician (AED 309,940 per year)
  • Anesthesiologist (AED 473,924 per year)
  • Psychiatrist (AED 439,446 per year)

4. Construction sector

In fact, the construction sector in Abu Dhabi is in need of skilled professionals. Thus, this shortage of workers makes it a great option for anyone looking to join the industry. Besides, with the government’s endless effort to keep the economy growing, young people have an excellent opportunity to land great positions in the lucrative industry.

Hence, below are some of the jobs available in the construction sector.

  • Land surveyor (AED 53,000 per year)
  • Construction inspector (AED 61,042 per year)
  • Construction worker (AED 106,429 per year)
  • Roofer (AED 87,626 per year)
  • Urban planner (AED 144,000 per year)
  • Field engineer (AED 110,000 per year)
  • Civil engineer (AED 68,934 per year)

5. Hospitality sector

The job market has never been more unstable in Abu Dhabi. However, while many other industries are contracting, the hospitality industry is becoming bigger every year. Consequently, it requires more and more hospitality staff. Therefore, to work in this sector is one of the safest career choices that you can make.

All in all, below are some of the jobs available in this industry.

  • Flight attendant (AED 117,916 per year)
  • Concierge (AED 107,000 per year)
  • Food and beverage manager (AED 120,805 per year)
  • Executive chef (AED 72,025 per year)
  • Hotel manager (AED 208,052 per year)
  • Restaurant general manager (AED 211,343 per year)
  • Travel manager (AED 104,571 per year)
  • Event coordinator (AED 74,008 per year)

In the last several years, the legal sector in Abu Dhabi has experienced staggering growth. Specifically, a steady rise in profits and revenues expanded headcounts, and significant salary increases have provided plenty of job opportunities in a broad range of legal positions. For starters, below are some of the jobs available in the legal sector.

  • Lawyer (AED 295,385 per year)
  • Legal secretary (AED 173,393 per year)
  • Paralegal (AED 178,059 per year)
  • Legal counsel (AED 275,890 per year)

Applying for the best paying jobs in Abu Dhabi

First of all, thorough research is a necessary prerequisite for working in Abu Dhabi. In particular, embassies and consulates can provide further information and advice to prepare you for your job search abroad. As both Arabic and English are spoken in business, you need to be fluent in at least one of these languages beforehand.

Also, to become a long-term resident, you need to make sure that you will be working in Abu Dhabi throughout your stay. Employment in general and the relationship between employer and employee are regulated by the Ministry of Labor in Abu Dhabi. However, it’s worth mentioning that Abu Dhabi is open to welcoming foreign residents to its workforce.

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