58 Best Paying Jobs in Qatar

Qatar – a glorious nation best known for its wealth, culture, and history. As a predominantly Arabic country, the nation is surprisingly futuristic with its modern skyscrapers and unique architecture. On top of that, Qatar is a brimming hot spot for cultural blends, where Middle Eastern culture meets Western culture. You could see it in its food, arts, and lifestyle. There’s always something surprising about the nation.

On top of that, Qatar is undoubtedly one of the richest countries in the world. Home to the highest per capita in the world, the nation is well known for its vast  development and is considered as one of the most advanced states in the Arabian region. This is all courtesy of Qatar’s booming natural gas and oil industry, which is has been the nation’s trademark for several decades. With a growing economic growth, its no wonder why people flock from all over the world to work in Qatar.

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Why Work in Qatar

Working in Qatar can be an exciting choice for job seekers, and there are a lot of reasons that explain why. As one of the best paying countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council – an economic alliance of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar,  Oman, and Bahrain – Qatar’s biggest strength comes from its petroleum and gas industries. To keep up with the growth, it is worth noting that a huge investment in infrastructure is in the works, which will require more necessary manpower to help with its development.

However, it’s not just these the petroleum and gas industries that are making headlines. Qatar has one of the most attractive tourism industries as well. With it exotic beaches, enjoyable climate, the breathtaking deserts, and historical landmarks, Qatar has become a home to many incoming expats looking for a spot in the Middle East. And since Qatar will be the host of the FIFA World Cup 2022, the nation will expect upcoming additional developments that will further push the tourism industry. Hence, providing an abundance of job opportunities for everyone.

Best Paying Jobs in Qatar

Healthcare Sector

Qatar’s health system has a ranking of 5 in the world. This is not surprising, since the nation’s healthcare sector only employs qualified doctors, surgeons, specialists, and other medical staff. With more of the future generations doting on healthcare, more and more hospitals and clinics are opening up in Qatar. Rigorous hours and intensive medical preparation are required to be in healthcare workforce. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • General Surgeon: QAR 25,000-35,000/month
  • Physician: QAR 22,000-28,000/month
  • General Practitioner: QAR 16,000-22,000/month
  • Dentist: QAR 14,000-18,000/month
  • Pharmacist: QAR 7000-10,000/month
  • Registered Nurse: QAR 6000-9000/month

Information and Technology Sector

These past couple of years have proven to be extremely fruitful towards Qatar’s Information and Technology sector. With the influx of technology usage due to recent globalization, the nation’s IT sector is only getting started. On top of that, many companies and institutions of the IT sector who come from other countries are bringing their work to Qatar due to blockade reasons. As a result, more job opportunities in Qatar’s IT sector are offered. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • IT Consultant: QAR 25,000-30,000/month
  • IT Manager: QAR 18,000-25,000/month
  • Security Specialist: QAR 17,000-22,000/month
  • Network Specialist: QAR 15,000-20,000/month
  • IT Administrator: QAR 9000-14,000/month
  • Database Administrator: QAR 12,000-18,000/month
  • Software Engineer: QAR 10,000-15,000/month
  • Developers and Programmers: QAR 9000-14,000/month
  • Web Developers: QAR 8000-13,000/month
  • Help Desk Support: QAR  5000-8000/month

Engineering Sector

There has been a massively huge demand for engineers in Qatar. This is not a surprise, as Qatar is always looking for opportunities to develop its country. This is noted from the amount of mega projects that are currently on its works. These projects will include creating railway systems, expanding the airport and port infrastructure, building bridges and tunnels that will connect the capital city of Doha to other regions of Qatar. As this is an urgent matter, considering the fact that Qatar is going to be the host of multiple international events, the country is in need of engineers. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • Project Engineer: QAR 17,000-22,000/month
  • Civil Engineer: QAR 14,000-20,000/month
  • Mechanical Engineer: QAR 12,000-18,000/month
  • Electrical Engineer: QAR 12,000-17,000/month
  • Architect: QAR 16,000-22,000/month
  • Aerospace Engineer: QAR 18,000-24,000/month
  • Oil/Gas Engineer: QAR 20,000-28,000/month
  • Instrumentation Engineer: QAR 14,000-18,000/month
  • Site Engineer: QAR 8000-12,000/month
  • Telecom Engineer: QAR 8000-12,000/month

Technician Sector

With engineers, comes technicians as well. All these mega projects in Qatar will not only need to be executed, but they will have to be tended to as well. The technician sector is not only responsible for checking up on the quality of these upcoming projects, but they are also given the task of maintaining Qatar’s already-executed projects. This explains why Qatar is a well-maintained country, as technicians of every kind are available to tend to any troubles that are encountered. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • Aircraft Mechanic: QAR 10,000-15,000/month
  • Instrument Technician: QAR 4000-7000/month
  • Maintenance Technician: QAR 4000-7000/month
  • Lab Technician: QAR 5000-7000/month
  • Electrician: QAR 1600-2300/month
  • Technical Draughtsman: QAR 5000-7000/month
  • HVAC Technician: QAR 4000-6000/month
  • Quality Inspector: QAR 4000-6000/month
  • Electrical/Electronics Technician: QAR 3000-5500/month
  • Telecom Technician: QAR 3500-5000/month

Marketing Sector

The marketing sector in Qatar has experienced some serious growth within the past few years. The Internet has been a commonly used tool in this sector. As a result, the marketing sector has moved on to a more digital route in terms of marketing opportunities, especially within Qatar and most parts of the Middle East. With this trend in the Internet and digital marketing, and also contributed by Qatar’s vast wealth, the nation makes it a lucrative hotspot for online businesses and digital marketing. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • Business Development Manager: QAR 18,000-24,000/month
  • Sales Manager: QAR 14,000-18,000/month
  • Sales Supervisor: QAR 9000-12,000/month
  • Sales Executive: QAR 7000-10,000/month
  • Marketing Coordinator: QAR 5000-7000/month

Finance Sector

As more and more companies, institutions, and business are moving their offices to Qatar, they will all require professional and talented individuals to trust them with their assets. This explains why the finance sector is urgently needed in Qatar’s workforce. With the economic growth currently at its peak in Qatar, a lot of money is being traded and the finance sector is in charge of keeping track with all the financial trends that are being implemented on. If you have a keen eye on numbers, able create and manage budget schemes, and have your attention towards Qatar’s financial trends, then the finance sector is where you belong. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • Finance Manager: QAR 22,000-28,000/month
  • Bank Branch Manager: QAR 15,000-18,000/month
  • Accountant: QAR 9000-12,000/month
  • Finance Assistant: QAR 5000-7000/month
  • Cashier: QAR 3000-4500/month

Hospitality Sector

Qatar’s tourism industry is going to expect a lot of incoming domestic and international tourists flocking from all parts of the globe. As the nation is anticipating and in charge of coordinating multiple events, including the FIFA World Cup 2022, the hospitality sector in Qatar will be requiring a lot of qualified manpower who are capable of bring our the best of Qatar’s tourism. The hospitality sector is perfect for individuals who are willing to share the culture of Qatar to other individuals. Below are some of the jobs available:

  • Hotel Manager: QAR 12,000-16,000/month
  • Receptionist: QAR 3000-4500/month
  • Housekeeping: QAR 1700-3000/month
  • Chef: QAR 3500-5500/month
  • Waiter: QAR 2000-3000/month
  • Kitchen Staff: QAR 1500-2500/month

Other Professions

While these professions are don’t belong to a certain category, that doesn’t mean they don’t hold some sort of significance in the nation. These professions are also the most-needed as well in Qatar due to recent employment changes. If you have a skill that fits into any of these professions, then you definitely have a spot in the Qatari work force.

  • Nurse: QAR 4000-7000/month
  • Secretary: QAR 3000-5000/month
  • Customer Service/Call Center: QAR 3000-4000/month
  • Computer Operator: QAR 2000-3500/month
  • Child Care: QAR 2000-3300/month
  • Driver Light: QAR 2200-3000/month

Applying for Work in Qatar

Applying for work in Qatar can take a bit of effort. Due to the Qatari labour laws, Qatari citizens are given first preference for most job employments. Non-Qatari citizens are only allowed to work in Qatar if your future employer provides reasons to the Ministry of Labour on why they are hiring a non-Qatari citizen.

Besides that, job recruitment in Qatar are like most other recruitment in the world. You’ll be required to bring a Curriculum Vitae, a Cover Letter, accredited qualifications, and a work permit. Always pay attention to the job employment requirements of each company, as it might differ from time to time.

Another tip is to start networking within the Qatari workforce to understand what their working culture is like. It will allow you to get second-hand insight on what it’s like working in Qatar. The best part? It would help you find out how other people from other countries got employed and survey on which companies are currently opening its doors for expats.

Working in Qatar is indeed both fun and challenging at the same time. However, it is a one of a lifetime experience working in one of the world’s richest nations. What ever your profession or specialization is, Qatar always has something to offer to you. Happy job hunting everyone!

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